Champion of Champion Singles 2021
Event Date
17th April - 18th April 2021
Qualifying play: Howick Bowling Club will host the Women's Singles and Blockhouse Bay Bowls will host the Men's Singles.

All players should read the full Conditions of Play.

Play: Play will commence by 9:00 am on each tournament day.

Marker: Each Champ of Champs player must be accompanied by one non-playing marker for each round that the player is competing. Any player who fails to fulfill their marking duty will be fined $50. Players are not to leave the venue before checking with the umpire.

Games: Order of play has been randomly drawn. All games will be sudden death, 21 shots, with a 2.5-hour time limit, except for the Final which will be 21 shots or 3.5 hours. Three rounds will be played on Saturday and two rounds will be played on Sunday.

Bowls: Each player will play four (4) bowls at each end.
Champ of Champ Singles - Men's draw
Champ of Champ Singles - Women's draw