President’s message

As President, I have the privilege of meeting and connecting with so many incredible individuals within our club network. It fills me with immense pride to witness the magical moments that unfold as I present event trophies, exchanging smiles and firm handshakes. Together, as Bowls Auckland, we wholeheartedly support our bowling community.

Reflecting upon the 2022-2023 playing calendar, I was delighted to witness our greens teeming with bowlers of all types, from competitive players to those enjoying social, corporate, and school bowls. Striking the delicate balance between offering Auckland’s bowlers a competitive environment and providing clubs with opportunities to engage with their local communities requires careful navigation. Who could forget tuning into Lawn Bowls at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in July and August 2022? The broadcasts from Leamington Spa Bowling Club undoubtedly served as one of the best advertisements for our beloved sport. People of varying ages and abilities displayed their skills on a global stage, shattering preconceived notions about who typically participates in lawn bowls. The Games beamed out this message of inclusivity to millions worldwide, demonstrating that lawn bowls has something to offer everyone.

As we reflect on the season, allow me to share a few highlights:

  • Mt Albert Bowling Club’s Tony Grantham and Jhanna Savov, who triumphed as the region’s Men’s and Women’s Champ of Champs Singles titleholders. Notably, Jhanna Savov’s achievement as a Year 1 bowler is unprecedented.
  • Tony Grantham went on to win the National Champ of Champs Singles championship in July 2023.
  • The heartwarming victory of father and son duo Adam and Peter Blucher from Te Atatu Peninsula, who secured their first Auckland Centre title together.
  • In October 2022, Auckland proudly crowned the Men’s National Intercentre champions, and we celebrated Jamie Hill awarded a Silver Star.
  • Mt Albert Bowling Club celebrated its remarkable 125th anniversary.
  • The inaugural Octagonal Premier 2 Challenge, and the inaugural Oceania Challenge brought together teams from New Zealand and across the Pacific.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to everyone who participated and the clubs for their unwavering support and contributions. You continue to be the backbone of our community. As we eagerly anticipate the new season, I look forward to seeing you all again on the greens.

Greame Scott
President, Bowls Auckland

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