President’s Message

It is with great pride and pleasure that I put pen to paper to write this, my first ‘Presidents’ message, for the 2020 – 2021 season. It is an honour and a privilege to be elected as the President of Auckland Bowls and I thank my Club (Auckland Bowling Club) for supporting me in this.

When I started bowls – in 1968 in Gonville, Wanganui, who would have thought I would one day be honoured by being President of the Number 1 Bowling Centre in New Zealand. How times have changed from those halcyon days to now! This Centre’s vision – ‘More people playing and enjoying bowls more often’ resonates well with my wayward ideas back then. A lot has changed since then. However, some attitudes have not. In the mid 70’s, I made a statement that Clubs needed to change their attitudes and think and operate as a business. This is even more relevant in today’s climate.

Your Centre has the staff and the resources to enable Clubs to re-plan and achieve great heights in the coming years. It is with grateful thanks that I acknowledge the foresight and skills of those who enabled the ‘Rawhiti Fund’ to be established. It would be great if future cases could see similar funds be made available through our CDAs. The bottom line is that we must promote and support sustainable Clubs, to ensure the sport of bowls achieves greatness in the years and decades ahead. The Kimberley Fund has grown substantially over the past few years under the professional guidance of our Trustees and Investment Brokers.

This year we launched our strategic plan for 2020 – 2030. I am sure you all have read this and are as impressed as I was when it was finalised and published. To lead and grow the sport in Auckland (and ultimately throughout New Zealand) we need to ensure we have the resources to do this, from all-weather sustainable top greens, clubs, coaches, top umpires and, most importantly, players of ALL ages.

In my opinion, we need to spread our focus to ALL categories of players; from the young, the junior ranks, the roll-up player, the casual player, to those we are all trying to emulate – the high-performance player. Because without them all, the sport of Bowls will not create the environment that will attract new members and sustain the sport we love.

Volunteers continue to play an important and essential part in most clubs. Without them, several Clubs may well have disappeared. However, changing times require changes in attitudes and focus. Us ‘Oldies’ cannot ‘keep on – keeping on’. Clubs, unfortunately, need to plan for the future without these valuable people. This will be hard. However, the future looks great so let’s start by increasing memberships at all levels. The best way to do this is by ‘word of mouth’. There can be no better introduction to the great sport of bowls, than from someone who enjoys playing and who then “shoulder taps” a friend (or friends) and the word then continues to spread. To ensure the success of this, Clubs need to look at their facilities to ensure they are welcoming and that ‘staff’ likewise are welcoming and supportive.

Without sponsors, we would not be able to achieve our purpose, our vision and our values. Therefore, it is with heartfelt thanks that I acknowledge the support of Ryman Healthcare, Dynasty Clothing, Giltrap Group and KIDS Graphics. May we continue to flourish with their support as we continue to support them.

The Board has worked hard over the past twelve months and as a result, I am sure you will all reap the benefits in the coming seasons. The past twelve months has seen ‘turbulent times’ culminating in the Covid-19 virus.

Particular thanks must go to our GM Steven and his team – Kristina, Janine and Steve, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the Board were able to meet their governance requirements and that you – the bowlers – have a seamless process administratively. Remember, the team at Auckland Bowls is here to help and support you all; at all levels.

May I wish you all a great season of bowls ahead, that you enjoy the friendships and camaraderie of your fellow bowlers, and that you stay safe and well.


Greame Scott – President

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