Across the Ditch Challenge

The annual “Across the Ditch” between the Regional Invitation Team and Queensland will be
played from the 18th – 20th December at Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club.

The aim for this annual challenge from both centre’s is for players to experience international play
on different surfaces.

Players that have participated in this event have gone on to represent New Zealand and
Australia. Players that come to mind are:
Greg Ruaporo & Selina Goddard (NZ Development & U/D 18)
Sean Ingram & Natasha Jones (Australia Development & U/D 18)

The teams will consist of 12 players in the Under 25 group and 12 players in the Under 18 group
each playing for the “Across the Ditch” Shield

The program for the week:

17th December - Combined Training
18th December – Test 1-3
19th December – Test 4 -6
20th December – Test 7

The players representing the Invitation team are:

U/D 25 Group

Men: Greg Ruaporo, Scott Evans, Scott Mouton, Rory Soden, Ciaran MacElvanna & Patrick

Women: Selina Goddard, Alzeena Levi, Katelyn Inch, Robertalyn Bristowe , Teri Anderson &
Keitha Heta

U/D 18 Group

Men: Talor Duncan, Liam Van Rijn, Braden Silby, Richard Hocking, Jeremy Bronson & Aiden

Women: Savannah Lauder, Ashleigh Jeffcoat, Nicole Toomey, Brooke Craik, Sophie Fisher &
Everest Fitch

Management: Howard Sandler, Janice Paap, Irene Goddard & Jordan King

Please come and support our players and enjoy the event.


Under 18 Results

Under 18 Results Day 2

Under 18 Results Day 3

Under 25 Results

Under 25 Results Day 2

Under 25 Results Day 3

Under 18's Conditions of Play

Under 25's Conditions of Play

Draws for Across the Ditch Challenge

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