Participation Growth

09 Mar 2018

A record number of people are taking to the greens of Auckland with over 30,000 participants recorded in the 2017 calendar year.  This is a massive 39% growth on 2016! 

Well done to all the clubs that have done such a great job in welcoming participants to their club.

The marketing and promotional work undertaken by Auckland Bowls and the individual clubs is having an impact and bringing more people into our clubs.  The Club Development Agreements we have with selected clubs is also contributing to this growth.

The Club Development programme will grow stronger in 2018 with more club groups to be added and they will receive valuable financial support to contribute to the growth of our sport. 

Whilst we have had significant growth in overall participation the traditional playing member  category has continued the trend of the last three decades with a small decline in numbers.  We now have 2500 playing members which is 61 less than 2016, a decline of 2.4%. However, clubs such as St Heliers with 20, Howick with 16, Onehunga and Districts with 14 and Royal Oak with 14 new first year members, shows that we can achieve success in bringing new people into our sport, with the right strategies in place. 

Auckland Bowls is continuing to develop and refine its strategy in this area and we look forward to working with more clubs in the coming months.

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