Auckland 1-8 Year Singles

03 Mar 2018

This weekend we have had the Auckland 1-8 Year Men's and Women's Singles with qualifying rounds played at various clubs across Auckland and Post Section being played at Balmoral Bowling Club who are Headquarters for this event. All results will be updated here as they come in, to view please click on the link below:

Women's Final:

This was always going to be a tough Final between these 2 very talented bowlers. Jenny was out of the gates first winning the 1st 3 ends and held the lead right up until the 19th end when Leeane tied up the game 15-15. Leeane played some excellent bowls and kept Jenny on her toes, who spent a lot of the game drawing around, or taking running shots at Leeanes holding shots. in the 23rd end the game was all tied up again 18-18 but Jenny played a couple of great ends and took the win 21-18.

Women's Semi Finals:

The first semi final between Tess Farley (Balmoral) and Leeane Poulson (Mangere) was a great semi and could have gone either way!Tessa was first up on the scoreboard but Leeane took the lead in the 3rd end and held onto it until the 16th end when Tessa tied the game up 15-15. Leeane took the lead again but Tessa was never far behind the game was all tied up again in the 20th end. Tessa took the lead and in the 21st end was up 19-17. Leeane tied the game up in the 22nd end 19-19 then won the next end to win the game 21-19.

The second semi final was another great game between Chelsea Farley (Balmoral) and Jenny Stockford (Pt Chevalier). Jenny had a great start with Chelsea right there to tie up the game in the 4th end 4-4. Jenny took the lead again and held it until the 15th end 13-13 from here Chelsea took the lead and in the 21st end was up 20 -15. Jenny played the last 3 ends with a determination and won the game 21-20!

Men's Semi Finalists:

David Ball (Mt Wellington) bt Chris Dearsley (Balmoral) 21-6; Michael Jelley (Blockhouse Bay) bt John Crowe (Blockhouse Bay) 21-12; Phil Taylor (Bridge Park) bt Michael Savage (Howick) 21-15; Mae Turua (Central) bt AD Al Darra (Blockhouse Bay) 21-18.

The first semi final between David Ball (Mt Wellington) and Michael Jelley (Blockhouse Bay) was a cracker of a game! Michael came out charging taking the 1st 5 ends giving him 8-0 in the the 5th end. Michael dropped 4 ends but still leads 8-4 in the 9th end. David chipped away at Michael and came within 1 point in the 20th end but Michael picked up a 3 in the 24th end taking his lead to 20-15. David dug in and picked up the next 3 ends the final end winning him the game and the only time he was in the lead 21-20! Congratulations David that was a great come-back!

The second semi final was a little different Mae Turua (Central) played Phil Taylor (Bridge Park) and Phil could do no wrong! Mae played some very good bowls just to have Phil come in and take the shot again and again. The score doesn't reflevt the game with Mae showing what a great bowler he is but Phil was in the zone and could not be beaten winning 21-3.

The Men's 1-8 Year Final will be played at a later date to be confirmed.

Men's Quarter Finals:

David Ball (Mt Wellington) bt Travis Englebrecht (Balmoral) 21-11: Chris Dearsley (Balmoral) bt Gerard Plaisier (Henderson) 21-15; John Crowe (Blockhouse Bay) bt Parmesh Raman (New Lynn) 21-12: Phil Taylor (Bridge Park) bt Stefano Lefano (East Tamaki) 21-4; Michael Savage (Howick) bt Chris Watkins (Balmoral) 21-14; Mae Turua (Central) bt Allan Moyle (Balmoral) 21-4; Michael Jelley (Blockhouse Bay) bt Michael Carmody
(Titirangi RSA) 21-16; AD Al Darra (Blockhouse Bay) bt Willie Tanaki (East Tamaki) 21-19.

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