The Trusts Men's Singles Final

18 Feb 2018

This is going to be an exciting Final between Australian based Chad Grant (Grandviews) and the Blockhouse Bay local Graham Growcott (Blockhouse Bay).

End 1: Grant wins the end with a 2. 2-0

End 2: Growcott answers with a win evening up the score 2-2

End 3: A great end for Grant holding 3 winning the end. 5-2

End 4: An excellent first bowl from Growcott and his 2nd bowl sits centimeters away from the jack holding 1.  Grant drives but misses. Growcott draws for the 2nd shot and gets it 5-4.

End 5: Grant is down 1 after a missed drive evening up the score 5-5.

End 6: Growcott wins the end with a 1. 6-5.

End 7: An excellent toucher from Grant to hold 1. Growcott goes for the run shot but misses but wins the end . 7-5

End 8: Grant sits within centimetres of the jack with his 1st bowl and gains a 2 with his 3rd bowl evening up the game 7-7.

End 9: A lovely 1st bowl from Grant sidles up next to the jack. Grant holds 2 with his 2nd bowl. Growcott drives to knock away both Grants holding shots, now up 2. Growcott draws to trail the jack holding 3. Winning the end with a 3. 10-7

End 10: A long end see's Growcott's 1st bowl sit next to the jack and Grant bowls a great 1st shot to sit nicely inside Growcott's to hold. Growcott takes the shot back to win the end 11-7.

End 11: Growcott takes the end with a 2 bringing his lead to 13-7.

End 12: Growcott holds 2 after his 3rd bowl. Grants trails the jack to take 1 for the win 13-8.

End 13: The jack is at the 2 metre mark. Growcott pushes Grants bowl closer to the jack, Grant holds 3 after trailing the jack. Growcott plays an amazing shot to knock Grants bowl away to hold 1. Grant drives with the jack touching both of his bowls on the way through. Grant wins the end with a 1. 13-9.

End 14: Another long end. Grant holds 3 after his 4th bowl. Growcott plays a great shot to keep Grant at 2. 13-11

End 15: Grant trails the jack to hold 2. Growcott gets a toucher but Grant still holds 1. A beautiful shot from Grant winning the end with a 2, evening up the game 13-13.

End 16: A good start to the end for Grant nestling in next to the jack. On his 4th bowl Grant plays a toucher to hold 2.  Winning the end and taking the lead 15-13.

End 17: Growcott plays a great shot holding 1 with Grant holding 2 seconds. Grant knocks Growcott's bowl away to hold 3. Growcott drives and knocks the jack into the ditch winning the end with a 2. The game is all tied up again 15-15.

End 18: Grants 2nd bowl slowly rolls in next to the jack to hold. A 3rd bowl from Grant gives him a 3 giving him back the lead. 18-15.

End 19: Both players roll the jack into ditch, the jack goes onto the 2 metre mark. Growcott holds 2 after his 2nd bowl. Grants 3rd bowl is in the ditch. Another great bowl from Growcott gives him a toucher, holding 3. Grant plays a great shot leaving Growcott with a 1. 18-16.

End 20: Chad Grant wins the game with a great final end 21-16.

The Trusts Men's Singles Results

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