Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Final

18 Feb 2018

The Ryman Healthcare Women's Final is up next with some amazing talent! Karen Hema and Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) will be playing Catherine Bien and Ling Qu (St Heliers). Karen and Linda with team-mate Anne Bateman have already played a final and won in the Women's Triples. Karen also narrowly missed out on getting a spot into the Women's Singles Final to Jenny Welch. This will be a great Final against the equally talented Catherine and Ling.

End 1:Ralph holds 2 shots with her 1st and 2nd bowls. Hema sneaks in to hold 2nd shot her team now holding 2. Bien unable to take the end with her last bowl. 2-0

End 2: Ralph's 3rd bowl holds shot. Hema plays her 2nd bowl that takes shot holding 2. Bien plays a great shot to take the end with a 1. 2-1.

End 3: Qu struggles to find her weight, Ralph taking advantage of the opportunity holding all 3 shots. Bien plays a run shot, trails the jack into ditch to hold shot. Hema plays an excellent long shot but doesn't quite manage to get close enough. Bien's experience gives her team the end 2-2.

End 4: Qu's 2nd bowl is a toucher and holds shot. Hema plays a shot that hits Ralphs bowl forward to hold 1. Hema plays another great shot with her 2nd bowl winning the end with a 2. 4-2.

End 5: Ralph's bowl trails the jack which is now sitting past the 2 metre mark. Another excellent long bowl from Ralph to hold 2. Ralph is on fire playing a toucher with her 3rd bowl to hold 3. Bien's 1st bowl has the perfect weight but is too narrow and her 2nd attempt is in the ditch. Hema and Ralph take 4 this end. 8-2.

End 6: Another 2 go to Hema and Ralph 10-2

End 7: It is currently going all Hema and Ralphs way picking up another 2. 12-2.

End 8: Hema and Ralph can do no wrong in this game picking up yet another end 13-2

End 9: Qu plays a great bowl holding shot. Bien plays a great shot holding 1st shot giving them the end 13-3.

End 10: Qu has found her form her 1st bowl trails the jack, 2nd gives her 2 and then a 3rd slides in for 3. Ralph nudges a shot away leaving Bien and Qu with a  2. Bien plays her bowls and the end goes thier way with 3. 13-6

End 11: Qu starting well again this end holding 2 shots. Hema and Ralph come back to take 3 to win the end 16-6.

End 12: Bien plays an excellent shot to push Hema's holding shot away from the jack to hold 1. With her 3rd bowl Hema bounces off Qu's front bowl to hold shot. Bien plays an outstanding bowl, trailing the jack to win the end with a 1. 16-7

End 13: A toucher from Bien nudging Hema's holding bowl away to take the end with another 1. 16-8.

End 14: A very close end! Bien knocks her own bowl onto the jack to hold.Hema plays an amazing bowl to take the holding shot back. Bien drives but misses the end going to Hema and Ralph 17-8.

End 15: A toucher by Qu, and another sitting right on the jack, great shot by Hema knocking her opposition off the Jack to hold shot. Bien plays a run shot to trail the jack and win the end. 17-10.

End 16: Hema andh Ralph win the end 19-10

End 17: A great game goes to Karen Hema and Linda Ralph winning 19-11.

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Results

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