Ryman Healthcare Men's Pair's Final

18 Feb 2018

This morning we have the Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Final at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2018. In the Final is Shane McGonagle, James Williams (Composite) VS Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon  (Royal Oak).Two very talented and experienced teams. James Williams being the newest member to bowls from this group starting his bowls career in 2006. Shane McGonagle, Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon all having a wealth of experience that will make this a great final!

End 1: A great start for Galloway and Dixon picking up 5 in the 1st end of the game 5-0

End 2: Another 2 go Galloway and Dixon's way 7-0

End 3: Williams not quite finding his right weight this end. Dixon plays a toucher but moves the jack closer to Williams to hold shot. Galloway shows his experience with his 1st and 2nd bowls to hold 2. McGongale tries a run shot but misses the mark. The end goes to Galloway and Dixon 9-0

End 4: A great 1st shot from McGonagle sitting his bowl next to the jack to hold 1.  Galloway plays the perfect shot knocking McGonagles holding shot away for 1. McGonagle plays his own outstanding shot to take back the end and get points on the board 9-2.

End 5: Another end going McGonagle and Williams way 9-3

End 6: Williams finds his rhythm this end, holding 2. Galloway goes for the drive but the 2 goes to McGonagle and Williams 9-6.

End 7: Dixon plays a great shot to hold 1. After Galloway's 3rd bowl they hold 5. McGonagle draws but doesn't manage to stop Galloway and Dixon getting 5 this end. 14-6.

End 8: McGonagle and Williams play an excellent end holding 2 possibly 3. Galloway plays a run shot but misses the mark. 14-8.

End 9: Williams is holding 1st shot and McGonagle holds 2nd. Galloway plays an excellent bowl to take the lead shot off Williams.Galloway chooses to not play his last bowl to take the 1. 15-9 

End 10: The end going all Galloway's and Dixon's way holding a possible 4, McGonagle saves the end with an excellent 3rd bowl to hold 1. Galloway plays a good run shot but not good enough, the end going to McGonagle and Williams 15-10

End 11: Dixon holds shot with his 2nd bowl. A solid attempt from McGonagle to get the shot back fails. 1 going to Galloway and Dixon 16-10

End 12: A great end for Galloway and Dixon 19-10

End 13: McGonagle and Williams hold 2. A toucher from Galloway holds shot. A pressure shot for McGonagle, he goes for the drive and breaks up the cluster but goes down by 1. 20-10

End 14: McGonagle plays a run shot and trails the jack, holding. Galloway draws to get the end back. 21-10

End 15: Williams plays an excellent 2nd bowl, sidling up next to the jack to hold shot. Galloway pushes Dixon's shot forward to hold 1. Another pressure bowl for McGonagle, he draws but goes wide. The end goes to Galloway and Dixon. 22-10.

End 16: McGonagle and Williams holding a possible 3. Galloway draws and leaves McGonagle holding 1.The game going to Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon 21-11.

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Results

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