The Trusts Women's Singles Final

17 Feb 2018

We are excited for The Trusts New Zealand Open Singles Final today with two great bowlers competing Leeanne Poulson (Papakura) vs Jenny Welch (Tauranga South).

End 1: Welch holds shot with her 2nd bowl winning the end 1-0

End 2: Poulson trails the jack for 2. Welch's 3rd bowl stops inside Poulsons bowl to hold 1. Welch plays a great 4th bowl winning a 2. 3-0

End 3: Poulson wins the end 2-3

End 4: Poulson plays another great end taking her into the lead with a 2. 5-3

End 5: And again it's all Poulson with a 1 to add to her score 6-3

End 6: Beautiful by Welch pushing onto the jack holding 2. Another excellent shot by Welch holding 3. A drive from Poulson kills the end.

End 7: Poulson wins the end with a 2. 8-4

End 8: Welch holds 1. With her 4th bowl Welch takes 2 this end bringing the score to 8-6 to Poulson.

End 9: An excellent 2nd shot from Welch sitting her bowl up next to the jack to hold 1 and win the end 8-7.

End 10: Welch holds 1 after her 3rd bowl. Poulson nudges Welch away from the jack to hold 1. Welch makes a great attempt to get in front of Poulson's bowl but narrowly misses. 9-7

End 11: Welch wins the end 9-8

End 12: A great end for Poulson taking 2 to win the end bringing her score to 11-8

End 13: Poulson sneaks a bowl into the inside of Welch's bowl to hold 1 and to take the end 12-8

End 14: The jack sits at the 2 metre mark. A great 1st bowl for Poulson but a better one for Welch nudging Poulson's bowl away from the jack to hold shot. An amazing shot from Welch breaking through Poulsons bowls to take the win with a 1 12-9.

End 15: Poulson wins the end with a 1. 13-9

End 16: Another jack on the 2 metre mark. Poulsons 1st bowl this end is in the ditch. Welch holds 1 with her 3rd bowl winning the end 13-10.

End 17: A short end see's Welch holding 2 and winning the end 13-12.

End 18: A great 1st bowl from Poulson sits 2 bowls distance from the jack. Welch not finding quite the right weight, the end going to Poulson 14-12.

End 19: Welch saves going down 4 with her last shot trailing the jack to give her a 1. 14-13.

End 20: Poulson wins the end with a 1, still leading 15-13.

End 21: A lovely 1st bowl from Poulson sitting next to the jack. Another great shot from Poulson on her 3rd bowl see's her holding 2. Welch gets cheer from the crowd with her 3rd shot nudging Poulsons leading bowl away to hold 1. Poulson goes for a run shot but misses her mark. Welch wins the end 15-15

End 22: Poulson bowls an excellent 1st bowl jack high. Welch is bowling beautifully and knocks out Poulsons holding shot giving her 3 and taking her into the lead 18-15.

End 23: Poulson starts well, holding a 3 after her 3rd bowl. After Poulsons 4th bowl she wins the end with a 4 bringing her back into the lead.19-18.

End 24: Welch wins the end with a 2 taking her into the lead again 20-19.

End 25: Poulson trails the jack to hold 1. Welch trails the jack to hold shot. Poulson plays a great shot under pressure to hold shot. Another bowl from Poulson has her holding 2. Poulson wins The Trusts Women's Singles for 2018, 21-20.

The Trusts Women's Singles Results

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