Hunter Bowls Men's Triples Final

17 Feb 2018

We have the Hunter Bowls Men's Triples Final at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2018. Both teams hailing from North Harbour with a wealth of experience that will make this Triples Final an epic battle!

Neil Fisher, Colin Rogan, John Walker (Composite) VS David Eades, Bart Robertson, Bruce McClintock, (Composite).

End 1: Fishers team secure the first point of the game with a 1. 1-0

End 2: Eade's pushed the shot bowl through to gain the point 1-1

End 3. Eade's plays an excellent 2nd bowl winning the end with a 1. 2-1

End 4: Eade drives to toke shot bowl out and a second, Fisher drew the shot for a 1. 2-2

End 5: This end goes to Eades team 3-2

End 6: Robertson and McClintock both hold a shot each. Walker draws to hold 2nd shot. Eade drives and misses his mark. Fisher draws but it goes past. Walkers bowl remains the shot 3-3

End 7: Rogan draws and stops a bowl low of the jack. McClintocks 2nd is a bowl high of the jack. Robertson nudges Walkers bowl away to hold 1. Fisher drives and clears the head but remains 1 bowl down. The end going to Eades 4-3.

End 8: Fisher had a run at the jack and picked it up, the jack ricochet up the rink hit a back bowl to give himself the shot winning the end 4-4.

End 9: Robertson plays a great 1st bowl sitting it next to the jack. Fisher pushes Walkers bowl to hold shot. Eade drives and misses. Fishers team win 2 this end. 6-4.

End 10: Another end goes to Neil Fisher, Colin Rogan, John Walker 8-4.

End 11: McClintock holds shot. Walkers bowl got a toucher but it ran through. McClintock and Robertson hold a shot each.

End 12: David Eades, Bart Robertson, Bruce McClintock take the end with a 3. 7-8

End 13: McClintock plays 2 great touchers holding 2. Rogan drives but misses. Fisher sat out McClintocks bowl, both touching the jack. Dead end.

End 13: David Eades sits out John Walkers shot bowl to hold 5. Neil Fisher draws the shot a bowl low of the jack to hold 1. David Eades goes narrow under the head. Fisher takes the 1 point, not playing his second bowl to make it 9-7.

End 14: Eades team were holding 3, Eades went for the 4th shot but nudged the oppositions bowl to give his team a 2. The game is now all tied up 9-9.

End 15: Robertson's 1st bowl holds. Eade trails the jack for 1 and win's the end. 10-9.

End 16: Eade touches Fishers bowl out for 4. Fisher draws under pressure to hold 1 to even up the game 10-10

End 17: McClintock plays a great 1st bowl holding 1. Rogan plays a toucher to hold. Robertson plays an excellent shot to hold 2.  Fisher drives and dives under the head. Eades gets 2. 12-10

End 18: McClintock and Robertson both hold a shot each with Robertson drawing a bowl right behind the jack. Walker drives and kills the end.

End 18: McClintock holds the shot with Rogans bowl sitting just behind it as 2nd shot. Walker draws into Rogans front bowl to roll it in for shot to hold 1. Eades draws and catches the edge of Rogans shot bowl to block a road in for Fisher. Fisher plays to sit Eades bowl and goes wide. The game goes to David Eades, Bart Robertson, Bruce McClintock 12-11.

Hunter Bowls Men's Triples Results

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