Hunter Bowls Women's Triples Final

17 Feb 2018

First up this morning we have the Hunter Bowls Women's Triples Final. Anne Bateman, Karen Hema, Linda Ralph (Composite) VS Esther Eu, Helen Murray, Sheila Putu (Composite). This is going to be great battle with so much experience and the talented junior Sheila Putu making her debut at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2018 and getting through to a Final!

End 1: A great 1st end from both teams but the point goes to Eu's team 1-0.

End 2: Putu bowls a toucher on her 2nd shot with Ralph's 2nd going long. Murray's 1st going into the ditch and Hema's 1st bowl tucks in nicely at the back. Eu's 2nd bowl is in the ditch and Batemans 2nd goes long. The point for this end goes to Bateman's team 1-1.

End 3: Ralph bowls an excellent 1st shot with Putu's 1st bowl nudging Ralphs shot away to hold 1. A great shot from Eu has her team win a 2.‚  3-1.

End 4: 4-1 to Esther Eu, Helen Murray, Sheila Putu.

End 5: Ralph's bowl holds shot this end. 4-2.

End 6: Ralph's 2nd bowl tucks in nicely behind the jack. Murray plays a magic shot that trails the jack to hold 1.

Bateman comes in and knocks Murray's bowls away to hold 3. Great end to Bateman's team to take the lead 5-4.

End 7: A great end for Anne Bateman, Karen Hema, Linda Ralph winning a 5 and bringing their lead to 10-4.

End 8: Putu shows her talent with her 2nd shot sliding in front of Ralph's to hold shot. Murray plays a great 2nd bowl to hold shot, Eu's team now holding 2 winning the end 6-10.

End 9: The jack almost sits at the 2 metre mark which Eu's team seem to like taking a 3 this end, closing the gap to 9-10.

End 10: This end goes all Eu, Murray and Putu's way with Murray and Putu both playing great shots. And Eu's 1st and 2nd bowl both strong giving them another 3 and the lead 12-10.

End 11: Ralph plays a very good 1st bowl that sits right up next to the jack, Murray and Putu not quite able to take the shot back with their 2 bowls. Bateman plays a great bowl to hold a possible 2nd shot. Eu plays an outstanding shot nudging Ralphs bowl away to take shot but Bateman plays an amazing run shot to knock Eu's bowl away to take a 3 this end. Excellent bowls! 13-12

End 12: Hema plays a great bowl that bounces off Ralph's bowl to hold shot, her team now holding 2. Eu plays yet another great bowl nudging Ralphs bowl away but Bateman comes in yet again to take the shot. With Eu's last bowl she nudges Bateman's bowl away giving her team a 1 and evening up the game! 13-13

End 13: Putu's 1st bowl goes long but she finds her weight for her 2nd bowl and holds shot. Hema plays her first bowl and manages to sit it inside Putu's bowl to hold shot.  Eu plays a beautiful shot but narrowly misses her mark.This end going to Bateman, Hema and Ralph 14-13.

End 14: Hema plays her 1st bowl and nudges Ralphs bowl closer to the jack to hold. Murray's 2nd bowl finds it's mark and settles nicely beside the jack. Eu plays a bowl that knocks Murray's shot away from the jack. This end going to Bateman's team 15-13

End 15: Putu plays an excellent shot with her 2nd bowl to hold shot. Bateman plays an outstanding bowl that trails the jack to hold shot. Eu plays an awesome shot that moves the jack with her bowl landing in the ditch - the jack remains on the green - Eu holds shot. The pressure is on Eu to even up the score with her 2nd bowl but doesn't quite make it happen - winning the end with a 1.14-15

End 16: Bateman's team not quite finding their green this end. Eu, Murray and Putu winning the end with a 2. 16-15.

End 17: Ralph bowls 2 great shots - holding 2. Bateman plays her bowl to hold 3.‚  Again the pressure is on Eu to stop the run and she does a great job taking out 2 of Bateman's teams shots now only down by 1. Bateman plays a run shot but it doesn't hit its mark. The game now all tied up 16-16.

End 18: Bateman plays a crowd pleasing shot with her 2nd bowl, Eu  not able finish off with her last bowl the game going to Anne Bateman, Karen Hema, Linda Ralph 18-16

Hunter Bowls Women's Triples Results

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