Day 7 of The Trusts New Zealand Open 2018

16 Feb 2018

Today at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2018 we have the Quarter Finals in the Ryman Healthcare Men's and Women's Pairs starting at 8:30am, the Semi Finals will follow at approximately 10:45am. The Trusts Men's and Women's Singles starts at 1pm with the Semi Finals starting at approximately 3:15pm then we have the  Disabled Pairs Final  being played today at 2pm on the TV rink.

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Quarter Finals we have:

Shane McGonagle, James Williams (Composite) BT Alistar Watson, Richie Muir (Composite) 15-14

Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon (Royal Oak) BT Dennis Brewster, Larry Valance (Composite) 22-5

Kevin Robinson, Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) BT Duane McDonald, Gordon Smith (Composite) 22-15

Teo Turua, Phil Taylor (Bridge Park) BT Tony Garelja, Billy Fulton (Composite) 15-12

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Quarter Finals we have:

Lin East, Hilary Ross (Composite) BT Anne Bateman, Carol Bennet (Onehunga and Districts) 18-15

Lisa Helmling, Shelley Wilson (Glenfield) BT Lauren Mills, Chris Budge (Kensington) 18-10

Karen Hema, Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) BT Margaret Aldous, Marion Vague (Blockhouse Bay) 21-6

Catherine Bien, Ling Qu (St Heliers) BT Corinne Pritchard, Colleen Pert (Blockhouse Bay) 20-7

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Semi Finals:

Our Semi Finalists in the Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs are:

Shane McGonagle, James Williams (Composite) BT Kevin Robinson, Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) 19-12

Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon  (Royal Oak) BT Teo Turua, Phil Taylor  (Bridge Park) 15-12

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Semi Finals:

Our Semi Finalists in the Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs are:

Karen Hema, Linda Ralph  (Carlton Cornwall) BT Lin East, Hilary Ross (Composite) 22-10

Catherine Bien, Ling Qu (St Heliers) BT Lisa Helmling, Shelley Wilson (Glenfield) 21-7

The Trusts Men's Singles Quarter Finals:

Garry Cotter (Royal Oak) BT Roger Andrew (Manurewa Cosmopolitan) 21-19

Chad Grant (Grandviews)  BT Neville Hill (Onehunga & Districts) 21-18

Graham Growcott (Blockhouse Bay) BT Chris Le Lievre (Musgrave Hill) 21-18

Graham Skellern (Carlton Cornwall VS Les Brown (Howick) 21-19

The Trusts Women's Singles Quarter Finals:

Agnes Motu (Onehunga and Districts) BT Sharlene Leaf (Opononi) 21-14

Karen Hema (Carlton Cornwall BT Lindsay Nicholls (Coromandel) 21-16

Leeane Poulson (Papakura) BT Rosary Sellick (Pt Chevalier) 21-4

Jenny Welch (Tauranga South) BT Marilyn McLeod (Hinuera) DEF

The Trusts Men's Singles Semi Finals:

Chad Grant (Grandviews) BT Graham Skellern (Carlton Cornwall) 21-10

Graham Growcott (Blockhouse Bay) BT Garry Cotter (Royal Oak) 21-10

The Trusts Women's Singles Semi Finals:

Leeane Poulson (Papakura) BT Agnes Motu (Onehunga and Districts) 21-15

Jenny Welch (Tauranga South) BT Karen Hema (Carlton Cornwall) 21-17

Disabled Pairs:

Norm Earnshaw, David Stallard (Composite) vs Peter Whiting and Jill Brierley (Composite)

End 1:Great shots from Stallard as his 2nd and 3rd bowls sit up next to the jack. Whiting answers with an excellent shot that nudges through to hold shot. Earnshaw plays his own amazing shot to knock Whitings bowl away to hold shot. 1-0 Great end!

End 2: Whiting and Brierley tie the game up 1-1.

End 3: A good end for Whiting and Brierley taking a 4 and bringing their score to  5-1.

End 4. After a measure Earnshaw and Stallard win the end with a 1; 2-5.

End 5: Great first shots from Stallard and Brierley to start their 4th end. Stallard holding shot with his 2nd bowl. Earnshaw draws the shot with his first bowl, but Whiting nudges it away with his first bowl to hold shot. Norm has picked up the jack and now holds 3 shots, the game now all tied up on 5-5.

End 6: Earnshaw and Stallard play a great end and take the lead 7-5

End 7: Stallard plays an excellent shot and sits up next to the jack. Norms first bowl carry's the jack to sit next to Stallards first bowl now holding 2. Whiting plays a great last bowl leaving Earnshaw and Stallard with a 1. 8-5.

End 8: Brierley has changed her green and on her 2nd bowl managed to find the jack and has tucked up nicely next to it. Earnshaw gives it a good go to separate the 2 but doesn't quite manage it with his 1st and 2nd bowls, Brierley still holds shot. Whiting chooses to not play his last bowl to take 1. 8-6.

End 9: Whiting was holding 2, Earnshaw took the jack into ditch with a weighted shot but Brierley had the back bowl and scored 1 that end 8-7 to Earnshaw and Stallard.

End 10: Earnshaw and Stallard win the end with 1. 9-7.

End 11: Stallard holds 1 at the turn-around in the 11th end. Whiting hits the shot bowl with his 3rd bowl that gives him a 3 evening up the game 9-9.

End 12: Earnshaw and Stallard win another end with a 1. 10-9.

End 13: Jill Brierley plays a great 1st bowl and holds 1 at the turn-around. Earnshaw plays an excellent bowl picking up the jack to hold 2. Earnshaw plays another great 3rd bowl  to give his team 3 bringing their lead to 13-9.

End 14: Stallard plays a great 2nd bowl that rolls up to sit next to the jack and a 2nd bowl from Stallard follows to hold 2 at the turn-around. Earnshaw adds to the great end by rolling his bowl in to have their team hold 3. Whiting attempts run shots but misses the mark. Earnshaw and Stallard take their lead to 17-9 and win the game in the 14th end.

Congratulations to Norm Earnshaw and David Stallard for winning The Trusts New Zealand Disabled Pairs for 2018. Great game!

To view all Results as they come in please click on the link below:

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