Tribute to our volunteers

07 Feb 2018

The Trusts NZ Open is a big tournament and the organisation and management of it is a mammoth undertaking that requires a considerable amount of effort and resources. Planning and preparation for The Open starts months in advance to ensure that plans and resources are in place to deal with every eventuality and while we have no control over Auckland's fickle weather and traffic, the event mostly runs smoothly.

Just how big is the Open? Well last year a total of 1171 players played in 2217 games during the eight days of the tournament. This equates to approx. 39,500 ends played and 479,000 deliveries made. Over eight days players will have walked a combined total of 1500kms and lifted a combined weight of 718 metric tonnes! Who says bowls isn't physical! 

Running such a large event simply would not be possible were it not for the support of our clubs. Last year 21 clubs from across Auckland and the North Shore were involved in hosting section play, some of whom came to the rescue at the last minute to overcome problems with the weather. Most importantly of all to the success of The Trusts NZ Open is the support of the army of volunteers, greenkeepers and officials who make sure the tournament is a success. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. Without you there would not be The Trusts NZ Open. We salute you!

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