Selina Moving Up Table

02 Nov 2017

(Story by Selina Goddard)

It was another stunning day at Saint John Park Bowling Club and a short day of play for us kiwis.

Dean had a tough line up this morning playing the unbeaten and section leader so far, Guernsey's Todd Priaulx. It was bowl for bowl against the two players with neither of them getting to far ahead of each other, resulting in a 5 all draw in the first set. Into the second, Dean held the advantage all the way up to playing the last end and Guernsey was left needing two shots to take the set win. After Deans third bowl he held the win with a close shot, forcing Todd to play with weight into the head. Looking to drive the jack into the ditch, Todd played the shot to perfection, resulting in collecting a 2 to take the set win and match win. A close nail biting finish to a fantastic display of bowls between both players.

Deans second game was against Fiji's Arun Kumar. The first set saw Dean snatch the win with a 9-4 win. Hoping to carry on the form from the first set, the Fijian champion persisted and took the second set win forcing Dean into a 3 end tie-break. It was a low scoring tie-break with Arun collecting 1 in the first and second end, meaning Dean had to score a minimum 2 on the third end to stay in the match. With Dean putting all his effort in he came close scoring a 1 but that wasn't enough to force an extra end so Fiji gained the win.

Being just over the half way mark, we will see Dean face off against Thailand, Israel and Namibia in tomorrows games.

My first match today was against Zambia's Eddah Mpezeni. As each day comes, we are rotating around the 3 different greens Saint Johns Park Bowling Club has to offer.  The pace of the green in my match against Zambia was a touch slower compared to the past two days. I got into a good rhythm finding the draw early and took both set wins 15-4, 14-2.

My last game of the day was against Thailand's Patsorn Byrant. Before this round we were both sitting on 4 wins and 2 loses so it was one of many crucial games heading towards the last half of the event. Battling into the gusty winds I managed to take the first and set second set wins 12-5, 9-6 cementing my third place position after the 7th round.

Tomorrow I will come up against Kenya and Ireland, hopefully having a day as successful as today!

Today's results (1 Nov):


Loss against Guernsey 5-5, 6-7

Loss against Fiji 9-4, 3-7, 1-2

Overall position: 10th


Win against Zambia 15-4, 14-2

Win against Thailand 12-5, 9-6

Overall position: 3rd

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