Day 1 Update

31 Oct 2017

(Story by Selina Goddard)

The first day of the World Champion of Champion Singles kicked off with Dean Elgar having the first game of the day against England's Simon Green.

 Right from the first few ends the game could have gone either way between Green and Elgar. The first set saw both players having an 8-8 draw, meaning the second set would be the decider the of match. With Elgar just getting over the line with a 7-6 win on the second set, he secured his first win for the tournament.

The next round was the first round of the ladies singles. Selina Goddard's first game was a face off against Singapore's Mary Lee Beng Hua. Goddard managed to hold onto the lead through the first set but came up to a nail biter of a finish being 3 down on the head (set down) with one bowl to go. Thankfully she was able to draw within half a mat to secure the number one shot and just like that, we restarted into the next set. Towards the end of the second set the game was looking in Mary Lees favour, but on the last two ends Goddard collected two threes, and took the second set and the game.

Yesterday was predicted to be the hottest day of the tournament with high winds. Temperatures were up to 36 degrees going into Elgar's second game of the day against Canada's Pat Bird.

Elgar pulled out plenty of phenomenal bowls in the first set securing it with a 12-2 win. Into the next set Elgar continued his consistency in the tough conditions to win 8-3, and took the game win.

In Goddard's second game of the day she came up against Netherland's Guurji Copier. With winds coming from all angles of the bowling green it was a battle of consistency!  Goddard narrowly went down in the first set 8-9 and drew the last set 6 all, meaning Copier takes the win in that round.

For the last round of games Elgar got the bye so could rest his feet up early, whereas Goddard had a final game against Zimbabwe's Caryn Sinclair which started at 7pm. The wind had settled down from earlier in the day but was still present. Goddard got off to a good start in the first set scoring a 4 on the first end then followed up by a 3 on the second. The final score in the first set was 12-6 to Goddard. Into the second set Caryn's consistency picked up on her draw, proving the second set to be a bit of a tougher half but Goddard prevailed and won the second set 9-5.

Results from Day 1

Dean is sitting on 2 wins, with 3.5 sets after two games and 

Selina  is sitting on 2 wins, 4.5 sets after 3 games.

Bring on today and hopefully cooler weather for the bowlers!! 

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