Finals Day in the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs

16 Sep 2017

It was another trying start for the Quarter Finalists in the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs being played at Epsom today. Hail and rain aside there has been some excellent bowls.


An awesome Final between Elizabeth Teiti & Mark Hall vs Rima Strickland & Sam Toloke!

Teiti & Hall took an early lead winning the first 6 ends making their score 10-0 in the 6th end and remained solid throughout the entire Final. But Strickland & Toloke stayed focused on the end goal and didn't let this discourage them they played some excellent bowls to close the gap. In the 7th end Strickland & Toloke won a 4 and in the 9th took another 2 slowly making their way back 6-12. This game had everything including a couple of killed ends. Strickland & Toloke kept Teiti & Hall to 14 for 6 ends while they chipped away at closing in on Teiti & Hall and in the 15th end the game was all tied up 14-14. It came down to the final end and it was Teiti & Hall that won the end and the Final by 1 point! 15-14.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Teiti & Mark Hall on becoming the Auckland 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Champions for the 2017-2018 season. You earned that point toward your Gold Star!

Semi Finals:

First team through to the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Final is Elizabeth Teiti & Mark Hall having a cracker of a game against Darshani Jayasinghe & James Williams. In the 4th end the game was all tied up 4-4, both teams playing well. Jayasinghe & Williams took a short lived lead in the 5th end only to drop the next 4 ends giving Teiti & Hall the lead 12-5 in the 9th end. Jayasinghe & Williams played a great 10th end closing the gap slightly to 8-12. Teiti & Hall came back with a big win in the 11th end taking their lead to 16-8, Jayasinghe & Williams answered with another good end bringing their score to 12-16 but couldn't quite close the gap in the last end - the game going to Elizabeth Teiti & Mark Hall 19-17.

Next team through to the Final for 2017-2018 is Rima Strickland & Sam Toloke playing a very strong game against Nick Thompsom & Magarita Kelly. Strickland & Toloke took the first 3 ends convincingly taking a good early lead 7-0. Thompsom & Kelly put up a good fight but just couldn't close the gap making their run for the lead to late in the piece winning the 13th and 14th ends and bringing the score to 10-15 but Strickland & Toloke were too strong today and won 16-10.

Quarter Finals:

Rima Strickland & Sam Toloke played a strong game with Marianne Coldham & Steve Kirwan also having a great start but then dropped off after the 5th end.Strickland & Toloke winning 18-8.

Nick Thompsom & Magarita Kelly played the father, daughter team of Peter Blucher & Mackenzie Blucher who played some great bowls to get their spot into the quarter final but couldn't quite hold onto their winning streak losing 17-7 to Thompson & Kelly.

Darshani Jayasinghe & James Williams have been having an awesome competition and have held onto their winning streak in the quarter final, but only by the skin of their teeth in this game against Maria Smith & Kolani Maota who also had a great game only losing by 1. Jayasinghe & Williams winning 12-11.

Elizabeth Teiti & Mark Hall started strong and continued to play a competitive game against Angela Temple & Luka Mataora. Both teams played some excellent bowls but Temple & Mataora just couldn't match Teiti & Hall today who won 20-8.

2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Results 2017-2018

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