Applications Open

21 Apr 2017

Auckland Bowls is now calling for applications for positions on the Board, Operations Committee and Kimberley Investment Committee. 

If you would like to be considered please complete the relevant application form and send in to Auckland Bowls no later than the 15th May 2017.

If you would like to be involved in these key volunteer roles with Auckland Bowls then please put your name forward for consideration.

Please note the following extract from the Constitution if you are considering applying for a position on the Auckland Bowls Board:

19.6   Relevant Factors

In considering its recommendations to the AGM, the Selection Panel shall take into account the following factors about the applicant and the Auckland Bowls Board as a whole:

a.  their prior experience as a director, trustee, or experience in any other governance role;

b.  their knowledge of, and experience in, the Game of Bowls generally, at international, national, and/or local level;

c.  their occupational skills, abilities, and experience;

d.  their knowledge of, and experience in, community, sports and/or not for profit organisations generally;

e.  the need for conflicts of interest on the Auckland Bowls Board to be minimised;

f.  the need for a wide range of skills and experience on the Auckland Bowls Board including skills in commerce, finance, marketing, law or business generally;

g.  the need for gender balance on the Auckland Bowls Board; and

h.  the need for the Auckland Bowls Board as a whole to have sufficient knowledge of or experience in the Game of Bowls.

Appointments will be confirmed at the AGM on the 26th June with all positions to start immediately after this date. If you would like further information please contact General Manager, Phil Vyver on 623 3555 or email


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