Champion of Champion Singles Finals!

19 Mar 2017

It's a stunner of a day at Hillsboro Bowls for the Auckland Men's and Women's Champion of Champion Singles. In the Semi Finals of the Women we have Mere Ansell (New Lynn) vs Sue Curran (St Heliers)and Sue Scott (Pt Chevalier) vs Doreen Jensen (Onehunga & Districts). In the Men we have Tony Klarich (St George) vs Graham King (Onehunga & Districts) and Martin Dixon (Hillsboro) vs Tony Balogh (Glen Eden). We are having some computer difficulties so the results sheet will be updated tomorrow - our apologies. I will update the scores here.

Women's Semi Finals:

First through to the Women's Champion of Champion Finals is Sue Curran (St Heliers) who had a very tough game against Mere Ansell (New Lynn). Ansell was on the board taking the first 2 ends with Curran right there in the 3rd end tieng up the  score. Ansell held her lead from the 4th end until the 20th end when Curran found her stride and tied the game up 17-17 then proceeded to win the following 3 ends for her spot into the Final 21-17.

The second Semi final between Doreen Jensen (Onehunga & Districts) and Sue Scott (Pt Chevalier) was another great game. The score line not a true example of the excellent bowls played. Scott was the dominant player on the day but Jensen was always a threat so the pressure was still always on Scott to stay on top of her game. Scott won her spot through to the final with a score of 21-16

Men's Semi Finals:

The Semi-final between Tony Klarich (St George) and Graham King (Onehunga & Districts) was an edge of your seat watch! Klarich was first on the scoreboard with a 2 but an excellent 2nd end gave King the lead with a big end 4-2. And so it went - each player matching the other end for end. In the 9th end the game was all tied up 8-8, in the 12th end King won the end with a 4 to take the lead 13-10. From here King took over the show and continued to hold his lead and win his spot through to the Final 21-19

The next player through to the Men's COC Singles Final is Tony Balough (Glen Eden) who played Martin Dixon (Hillsboro). Balough started strongly and carried on to do so throughout the game. Dixon's experience saw him play some outstanding ends and in the 22nd end Dixon took the lead from Balogh 17- 16. This was enough to get Balogh to hit over-drive and take the following 5 ends and the win 21-17.

Women's Champion of Champion Finals:

The Final between Sue Scott (Pt Chevalier) and Sue Curran (St Heliers) was a great watch. Both players came out firing. Scott tailed Curran the first half of the game - managing to tie up the game in the 10th end 8-8 - but found her stride and took the lead in the 18th end 14-13. After a jaw dropper of an end Curran took back her lead 15-14. Curran maintains her lead even after a lot of pressure from Scott but Curran is too strong today and is the new Women's Champion of Champion Singles winner 21-15. Congratulations to Sue Curran (St Heliers).

Men's Champion of Champion Finals:

The Final between Graham King (Onehunga & Districts) and Tony Balogh (Glen Eden) was a mixture of humour, camaraderie and bowls! Two great players and some excellent bowls played, a very entertaining Final to watch. It was anybody's game with both players holding the lead at some time throughout the game. In the 10th end the game was tied up 8-8 then King took the lead and held onto it until the 19th end when Balogh got a 3 taking the lead from King 16-14. In the 20th end King took 3 and tied the game up 17-17. Balogh comes back to take the lead once again in a very well played end by trailing the jack onto his back bowl giving him a 2 - 19-17.  Balogh plays a final great end and takes the win 21-17 giving him the Men's Champion of Champion Singles Title for 2016-2017.

Auckland Champion of Champion Men's and Women's Singles Draw 2016-2017

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