Auckland 1 - 5 Year Singles

03 Mar 2017

The Auckland 1-5 Year Men's and Women's Singles will be played this weekend.  Good luck to all participants and thank you to our host clubs.  Headquarters is the Balmoral Bowling Club.

It is fantastic to note that we have the most number of entrants we have had in this event since 2013 for the women and 2012 for the men.  It is great that so many of our junior bowlers are taking up the challenge of playing in this event.  Whilst we would still like to see more new players coming into our sport, this is a small recognition that the work being done to promote the sport is starting to see some rewards.  Well done to the clubs that have players participating this weekend!

Unfortunately we would have had even more women playing however a handful have had to pull out for various reasons.  The positive from this is that we have been able to add another section in the men's competition.  Our waiting list was starting to get rather long and we did not want to disappoint these players!

The revised draws and conditions of play can be viewed at the following links:

Auckland 1 - 5 Year Women's Singles

Auckland 1 - 5 Year Men's Singles

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