The Trusts Men's Singles Final

22 Feb 2017

The last Final of The Trusts New Zealand Open is The Trusts Men's Singles between the Defending Champion Richard Girvan (Onehunga) and (Nelson Bay) and Chris Le Leivre (Glenroy). These 2 have had an excellent event. Chris Le Leivre winning the Men's Pairs title already today.

End 1: Girvan is first up on the scoreboard 3-0

End 2: After a measure Girvan takes a 1 on the 2nd end 4-0

End 3: Le Leivre is holding 2 with his 2nd bowl. A very very close umpire measure gives Le Leivre the win this end with a 2; 4-2

End 4: Girvan is down so gave a hefty drive to kill the end. 

Girvans 1st and last bowl sit up next to the jack winning the end 6-2

End 5: Le Leivre plays a great 2nd bowl holding 2. Girvans last bowl is short giving Le Leivre the win this end 6-4

End 6: A long end. Le Lievre plays a great line but a little too much weight with his 2nd bowl he adjusts for his 3rd bowl and holds the shot. Girvan drives but misses the mark. Le Leivre still holds shot. Another drive from Girvan knocks the jack and his bowl into the ditch giving him the win with a 2; 8-4

End 7: Girvan's first bowl this end is short. Le Leivres first bowl trails the jack to hold shot. Both 2nd bowls are long. Le Leivre manages to win the end with a 1 bring the score to 8-5

End 8: Girvan holds 2 with his 3rd bowl. Le Leivre attempts a drive but fails to hit his mark. Girvan wins the end with a 2; 10-5

End 9: This end goes to Le Leivre with a 2 bringing the score to 10-7

End 10: A chicken is on the green! Steve Hoeft the marker managing to chase her off. This didn't deter  the players and they both played another great end. Girvan holding shot. Le Leivre tucking in next to him but Girvan takes the 1; 11-7

End 11: Le Leivres first bowl is a good one but not good enough as Girvans 3rd bowls sits closer to the jack. Le Leivre drives and has a live bowl in the ditch with the jack still in play. Girvan's last bowls holds shot. Le Leivre draws short. Girvan ahead 13-7

End 12: Girvan is on the jack - holding 3. Le Leivre not able to get the shot with a very good last bowl. Girvan wins 2; 15-7

End 13: Le Leivre holding shot with his 2nd bowl only to have Girvan take the shot from him now holding shot after his 3rd bowl. Girvan wins the end 17-7

End 14: Girvan bowls a long end and holds shot. Le leivres 3rd bowl holds shot. Girvan drives but misses his mark. Le Leivre wins the end 17-8

End 15: A short end. A great first bowl from Girvan. A drive from Le Leivre still leaves Girvan holding shot and his last bowl gives him 5!! 21-8

Richard Girvan has defended his The Trusts  Men's Singles Championship title for 2017.

The Trusts Men's Singles Main Draw Results

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