Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Final

22 Feb 2017

Another great day at The Trusts New Zealand Open! First up this morning starting at 10am we have the Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Final with Chris Le Lievre and Jamie Hill (Composite) playing Kerry Chapman and Tony Grantham (Composite).

End 1: Hill is first on the mat and bowls slightly long. Chapman plays 2 great bowls holding shot and his 3rd shot giving him 2.  Le Lievre and Granthams first bowls both not finding the green. Chapman 2nd bowl holds the shot. Le Lievre drives and kills the end. Hill holds shot on the turn around. Le Lievres first bowl goes long. His 2nd rolls the jack and holds shot. Chapman drives but doesn't hit the mark. The end going to Le Lievre 2-0

End 2: Hill bowls the jack to the 2 metre mark. Both bowlers short on their first bowls. Le Lievre plays a great first bowl to hold shot. Granthams 2nd bowl only just misses - down 1. Le Lievre plays another great shot to give him another 2; 4-0

End 3: Chapman and Grantham are on the board 4-1

End 4:Grantham plays an excellent 1st and 2nd bowl holding 2. Hill not managing to take the shot back with his bowls. Le Lievre plays a great 3rd bowl 4-2

End 5: Grantham holds 2 with his 3rd bowl. Hill plays an outstanding end carrying the jack back to hold shot. Chapman does a great drive but Le Lievre, Hill still win the end 7-2

End 6: Hill plays an excellent 2nd bowl, landing with 4 inches of the jack only to have Grantham knock his bowl away to hold shot. Grantham plays another great shot with his 3rd bowl holding 2. The end going to Le Lievre, Hill 8-2

End 7: Another end going to Le Lievre, Hill 10-2

End 8: Hills first bowls sits in next to the jack. His second bowl trails the jack holding 1. An excellent fist shot from Le Lievre, Chapman's first bowl good but sits slightly too wide to get the shot. A final drive from Chapman doesnt hit the mark, the end going to Le Lievre, Hill 11-2

End 9: Le Lievre, Hill play another great end taking 3 bringing their lead to 14-2

End 10: Grantham plays a toucher on his first bowl holding 2 at the turn around. Grantham and Chapman win the end 14-3

End 11: Hill plays a toucher with his 3rd bowl holding shot. Chapman is forced to drive with his 2nd bowl but it doesnt pan out, Hill's bowl still holding shot. Chapmans 2nd attempt at a drive is successful clearing the head. Le Lievre plays his last bowl and win's the end 15-3

End 12: Both Hill and Grantham play awesome ends, Grantham holding shot. Chapman plays a great shot with his 1st bowl, holding 2. Le Lievre doesn't manage to pull it back the end going to Chapman, Grantham 15-5.

End 13; Le Lievre, Hill win the end 17-5

End 14: Chapman plays a great 1st bowl to hold shot. Followed by an even better shot from Le Lievre now holding shot. Chapman attempts a drive but misses the end going to Le Lievre, Hill 18-5

End 15: Chapman and Grantham play an outstanding end winning 5 bringing the score to 18-10

End 16: Hill rolls up next to the jack on his first bowl. Gratham only just missing the jack with his 2nd bowl. Hill holding 2. Granthams 3rd bowl picks up and carries the jack back now holding 2. Le Lievre drives with his 2nd bowl but misses the mark. The end going to Chapman, Grantham who have cranked up their game and took a 3 bringing the score to 18-13

End 17: Grantham and Hill both playing some amazing bowls, Hill sneaking in to hold 1. Chapman picks up the jack but Le Lievre, Hill still hold. With Chapman's 3rd bowl he tucks in next to the jack holding shot. Le Lievre's last bowl nudges the jack closer to Chapman's bowl 18-14

End 18: The last end see's Grantham play 3 great bowls holding 3. Le Lievre bowls don't make it thrugh to take it back. Chapman and Grantham wining the end 18-16 but the game going to Le Lievre and Hill. The new Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Champions for 2017.

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Main Draw Results

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