The Trusts Women's Singles Final

21 Feb 2017

Another exciting game is underway at The Trust New Zealand Open with Women's Singles Final. Margaret O'Connor (Queenstown) is playing Elaine McClintock (Browns Bay) both have had an excellent tournament so we are expecting a great game!

End 1: O'Connor is first up, her bowl going wide, McClintock also going too wide. After the nerves have settled both players get closer to the mark but McClintock takes 2.

End 2: McClintock makes a lovley first bowl within 4inches of the jack. O'Connor follows taking the shot away from McClintock and wins the end 2-2.

End 3: O'Connors first bowl sits up close to the jack. McClintock took the jack away from O'Connor and is holding shot. A lovely shot from O'Connor with her 4th bowl gives her the win  3-2

End 4: McClintock has a great end winning 2 bringing the score to 4-3 to McClintock

End 5: McClintock bowls the jack to the 2 metre mark which O'Connor plays well and holds 1 with her 3rd bowl. With her 3rd bowl McClintock nudges O'Connors bowl out of the way to hold shot winning the end 5-3

End 6: McClintock takes a 2 and wins the end 7-3

End 7: O'Connor responds with a 2 bringing the score to 7-5

End 8: The Umpire is called to measure the length of end after O'Connor throws the jack short but it is legal. McClintock plays the end well winning with a 1 taking the score to 8-5.

End 9: With her 4th bowl McClintock plays a toucher to hold 2 shots 10-5

End 10: An awesome shot from O'Connor with her 3rd bowl see's her holding shot. McClintock misses a shot at taking out the jack. O'Connor wins the end with a toucher 10-7

End 11: McClintock wins with a 1 bring the score to 11-7

End 12: McClintock plays a toucher with her 2nd bowl holding 2. O'Connor playing her bowls too short until her 3rd bowl nudges the jack McClintock still holding 1. After a measure McClintock wins the end with 2 13-7 .

End 13: McClintocks first bowl carries the jack back and holds 1 after her 3rd bowl winning the end 14-7

End 14: O'Connors 2nd bowl is a toucher but nudges the jack closer to McClintocks giving her the shot and winning the end with 2 16-7

End 15: O'Connor comes back to play a great end holding 1 and a measure. The measure goes O'Connors way 16-9

End 16:  O'Connors first bowl is within 5 inches of the jack. McClintocks bowls not finding the green this end. O'Connor holds 2 and a measure after her 4th bowl. The measure goes to McClintock giving O'Connor the win 16-11

End 17: Another good first bowl from O'Connor. McClintocks first bowl goes slightly wide but her second holds shot winning her the end 17-11

End 18: McClintock plays an excellent 2nd bowl only just missing the jack and sits within 4 inches - her 3rd bowl see's her holding 2 and winning the end 19-11

End 19: O'Connor holds 2 after her 2nd bowl. McClintock is short with her 3rd bowl. O'Connor plays a stunner of an end winning with 4, bringing the score to 19-15

End 20: O'Connor plays another great end taking out McClintocks holding shot giving O'Connor the shot. McClintock makes a run for the jack to take it back to her 2 back bowls but misses 19-16

End 21: It's a close end but McClintock takes the win with a 1 20-16

End 22: McClintock holds 3 with her 3rd bowl. O'Connor plays an excellent bowl knocking McClintocks bowl away from the jack to win 20-17

End 23: McClintock holds the shot with her 2nd bowl. Winning the game 21-17. Great game!!

The Trusts Women's Singles Main Draw Results

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