Aero Bowls Men's Triples Final

21 Feb 2017

We are under way in the final of the Aero Bowls Men's Triples Final. 

Scott Evans, Schalk Mouton, Rory Soden (Composite) vs David Hood, Mike Reddy, Barry Allison (Composite). 

End 1: Evans takes the early lead 2-0

End 2: Another single for Evans 3-0

End 3: The measure is out for the first time today. One shot to Evans. 4-0

End 4: David Hood is on the scoreboard with a single 4-1

End 5: Evans responds with a 4 and now leads 8-1

End 6: Another brace for Evans 10-1

End 7: Hood holds shot as the skips come to the mat. He maintains that advantage 10-2.

End 8: Mike  Reddy draws a toucher. Hood adds to the count. Evans drives but doesn't get the result. 10-5 now. 

End 9: Evans gets back on track to extend the lead to 12-5.

End 10: Hood responds again but can only get one. 12-6

End 11: Shorter end this time and the players struggle a bit. But no matter the end is killed. 

End 11 part 2: This time it is Hood running at the head but misses. Evans tries the draw to add but can't do it. Another 2 shots though. 14-6

End 12: Rory Soden starts with 2 great bowls. Evans adds another with a great draw. And again!  Hood misses, another 3.  17-6

End 13: Hood gets one, but needs  more! 17-7

End 14: Another single. 17-8

End 15: Evans responds. 18-8

End 16: Crunch time now For the Hood combination with the ends  running out. They respond with 2 shots. 18-10 

End 17: Hood needs 2 to stay alive and that is what they get. An unlikely 6 required on the last. 18-12.

End 18: The first bowl is in the right place!  But so too Soden. A great bowl from Mouton to make it real tough for their opponents. Mouton draws another. Killing the end is the only option for Hood now. But it's not too be and Soden, Mouton and Evans take the win 19-12

Men's Triples Main Draw Results

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