Aero Bowls Women's Triples Final

21 Feb 2017

Welcome to live coverage of the Aero Bowls Women's Triples Final.  Congratulations to the two teams that have made it through to today's final!

It is a perfect day for bowls at Blockhouse Bay Bowls Club!

Margaret O'Connor (s), Christine Buchanan, Anne Dorreen (Composite) vs Jill Fraser (s), Clara Bowman. Judi Wong (Carlton Cornwall).

Stay tuned for live end by end updates with the game set to get underway at around 10.04am.

End 1:  It's Anne Dorreen on the mat first and we are underway.  A quiet start to the game with Fraser  recording a single to take the early lead.

End 2:  Great bowls by Dorreen and Buchanan to crowd the jack.  O'Connor adds to the count and with Fraser unable to respond, O'Connor grabs a handful and takes a 5 - 1 lead.

End 3:  A scattered head to start the third end, until Buchanan rests her bowl just in front of the jack.  One down is the call as Fraser plays her last and dislodges the shot bowl to pick up one shot. 5 - 2.

End 4:  Clara Bowman gets into the game with a great shot, but Buchanan is quick to respond.  A good cluster around the jack. In the end it is O'Connor who takes one shot to extend to 6-2.

End 5: Another good end by O'Connor's team has Fraser trying to reduce the count but cannot do so. 8-2.

End 6: The wind is starting to pick up which adds to the challenge! It is again Buchanan with 2 great bowls but so does Bowman. Great bowls! Fraser looks to be down a few here and despite a valiant attempt drops 3. O'Connor extends to 11-2.

End 7: Buchanan at it again with 2 bowls on the spot!  Again Fraser try's to change the fortunes of her team. Needs a big shot here but falls short. 15-2. 

End 8: 16-2

End 9: 16-3

End 10: Sorry folks, a few technical difficulties! Jill Fraser's team are working hard to get back in the game. Fraser slides through and O'Connor looks to add and does so to extend further to 19-3. 

End 11: Bowman looks to take out the shot but slides past. Fraser is holding shot now. O'Connor doesn't change the situation and Fraser misses but takes the single. 19-4.

End 12: Another 3 for O'Connor's team. 22-4. 

End 13: A big turnaround required from Fraser and her team. Not on this end though. 23-4.

End 14: Bowman produces a lucky wick and sends the jack to Judi Wong's opening bowl! Both skips struggle a little until Fraser produces a goody! 23-6.

End 15: This could be the last end. Browns Bays Anne Doreen puts the pressure on with a top bowl. And Buchanan backs it up with one of her own. Fraser slides past with her first. Having a go with her second. Great effort but only takes out one. Shake hands time as O'CONNOR'S side win 25-6

Women's Triples Main Draw Results

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