The Trusts Men's and Women's Singles Quarter and Semi Finals

20 Feb 2017

The Trusts Men's and Women's Singles Quarter and Semi Finals are underway today at Blockhouse Bay for The Trusts New Zealand Open.

The Trusts Men's Singles Quarter Finals

In the Quarter Finals we have Richard Girvan (Defending Champion) beat Scott Evans (Browns Bay) 21-13;  Mike Galloway (Hillsboro) beat Roger Andrew (Pukekohe Cosmopolitan) 21-17; Taylor Horn (Glen Eden) beat Pat Houlahan (Alexandra) 21-10; Aiden Takarua (Pt Chevalier) vs Chris Le Lievre (Glenroy).

The Trusts Women's Singles Quarter Finals

First Quarter Final winner in the The Trusts Women's Singles was Margaret O'Connor (Queenstown) who beat Jenny Stockford (Pt Chevalier) 21-18; Esther Eu (Blockhouse Bay) beat Maroi Pereeti (Bridge Park) 21-16; Lindsay Nicholls (Coromandel) beat Judy Raill (Glen Eden) 21-15; Elaine McClintock (Browns Bay) beat Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) 21-8.

Men's Singles Semi Finals

Richard Girvan (Defending Champion) played  the young talented bowler Taylor Horn (Glen Eden) today in The Trusts Men's Singles Semi Final. Horn pushed the Defending Champion throughout the whole game never giving an inch for Girvan to get a run of shots. It was back and forth with the first tie in the 6th end then again in the 11th, 13th, 16th, 20th ends. Each evenly holding a lead. The game came down to the last end  but Girvan's experience saw him win his spot into the Final 21-18

The second Semi Final was between Mike Galloway (Hillsboro) and Chris Le Lievre (Glenroy). Le Lievre looked safe having won 8 ends in a row bringing his lead to 11-4 in the 10th end. Galloway won some great ends with a 2,3, and 3 bringing the score to 14-14 in the 17th end. But Le Lievre was just too strong for Galloway today and won his spot into The Trusts Final 21-14.

Women's Singles Semi Finals

Our First Finalist is Elaine McClintock (Browns Bay) who played Lindsay Nicholls (Coromandel). The start of the game saw both players match each other, Nicholls taking a slight early lead. In the 8th end things turned around and McClintock picked up the pace on her game and shot into a strong lead. Nicholls couldn't find her rhythm and McClintock walked away with the win into the Final 21-9

The last game of the day was a great Singles Final between Margaret O'Connor (Queenstown) and Esther Eu (Blockhouse Bay). O'Connor just coming off a Triples Semi Final win was straight into her Singles Final against the very experienced Eu. The majority of the game was very close and was all tied up 5-5 in the 5th end. But for the remainder of the game O'Connor was leading with Eu never too far behind but not quite able to make ground. The win going to O'Connor 21-13.

The Trusts Women's Singles Main Draw Results

The Trusts Men's Singles Main Draw Results

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