The Trusts New Zealand Open Disabled Pairs and Triples

20 Feb 2017

The Trusts New Zealand Disabled Pairs and Triples Semi Finals have been popular events this year with an awesome number of entries and a lot of extremely talented bowlers.

Disabled Pairs Semi Finals

In the first Semi Final we had Bruce Wakefield and Carolyn Crawford (Composite) vs Peter Wylie and Steve Walker (Composite). Wylie and Walker were first up on the points board with Wakefield and Crawford not far behind. In the 5th end the score was all tied up 3-3. From here Wakefield and Crawford jumped into lead just to have the score all tied up again in the 10th end 7-7. And again Wakefield and Crawford take the lead but this time held onto it until the end 15-11, taking them through to the Disabled Pairs Final.

The second Semi Final between Pam Walker, Lynda Bennett (Composite) and Mark Noble, Barry Wynks (Takaro) was a great game. Noble and Wynks had a slow start but came into their own in the 5th end when they tied the game up 5-5. It was a real battle with both teams overtaking the other throughout the game. In the 10th end the game was all tied up again 7-7 and again in the 13th end 9-9. Noble and Wynks had a great14th end to take the lead 11-9 but Walker and Bennett shot ahead to win the game 15-12 taking them into the Final.

Disabled Pairs Final

This Final saw Pam Walker, Lynda Bennett (Composite) come up against Bruce Wakefield and Carolyn Crawford (Composite) in the Disabled Pairs Final. Again Wakefield and Crawford started strongly they were up 8-1 in the 6th end, it wasn't until the 8th end that Walker and Bennett started to win some big ends closing the gap 8-9. But Wakefield and Crawford proved too strong and won 16-9.

Disabled Triples Semi Finals

Graham Skellern, Peter Whiting, Jill Brierley (Composite) played Bruce Wakefield, Norm Earnshaw, Lynda Bennett (Composite) in the Disabled Pairs Final. This was another great game both teams giving their all for the win. Wakefield, Earnshaw, Bennett started out very strong and were focused on the win which saw them take an early lead and hang onto it throughout the game, Skellern, Whiting,Brierley were never far behind but just couldn't find the green to take the win. Wakefield, Earnshaw, Bennett won 17-13.

The Second Semi Final saw Mark Noble, Barry Winks, Carolyn Crawford (Takaro) and Peter Wylie, Steve Walker, Pam Walker (Composite) tough it out in this game. Wylie, Walker and Walker started with a real bang and looked strong only to have Noble, Winks and Crawford take the next 4 ends from them bringing the game to 9-9 in the 9th end. Frome here Wylie, Walker and Walker put their foot down and took the lead which took them through to the finish with a win 19-17.

Disabled Triples Final

Bruce Wakefield, Norm Earnshaw, Lynda Bennett (Composite) played Peter Wylie, Steve Walker, Pam Walker (Composite) in the Disabled Triples Final. Wakefield, Earnshaw, Bennett were the dominant team, although it was tight early on. In the 7th end the game was tied but from here things moved fast and Wakefield, Earnshaw, Bennett won the last 7 ends in a row winning the Final 23-7.

The Trusts Disabled Pairs Main Draw Results

The Trusts Disabled Triples Main Draw Results

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