Ryman Healthcare Pairs Quarter Finals at the Trusts New Zealand Open

20 Feb 2017

Ryman Healthcare Quarter Finals

First up in the quarter finals at The Trusts New Zealand Open is the Ryman Healthcare Men's and Women's Pairs.

In the Men's Pairs we have Chris Le Lievre, Jamie Hill (Composite) vs Petar Sain, Scott Cottrell (Composite); Scott Harrison, Artem Chesnokov (Balmoral) vs Dennis Brewster, Mike Carrol (Composite); Adam Johnston, Jason Hawe (Johnston Park) vs Ray Martin, Richard Corry (Victoria); Nigel Drew, Mark Rumble (Birkenhead) vs Kerry Chapman, Tony Grantham (Composite).

In the Women's Pairs we have Estelle Hickey, Hettie Bolscher (Carlton Cornwall) vs Karen Hema, Selina Goddard (Carlton Cornwall); Agnes Motu, Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier) vs Gail Bagnell, Tira Campbell (Composite); Maria Smith, Jo McKenna (Pt Chevalier) vs Anne Bateman, Carol Bennett (Composite); Gayle Melrose, Anne Doreen (Composite) vs Marilyn McLeod, Elaine McClintock (Composite).

The Semi-Finals for the Ryman Heathcare Men's and Women's Pairs will be played at 10:45am. All games will be played at Blockhouse Bay. We will update results throughout the day.

Ryman Healthcare Semi Finals

First Through to the Ryman Heathcare Men's Semi Final is Chris Le Lievre, Jamie Hill (Composite) who beat Petar Sain, Scott Cottrell (Composite) 18-4; Second through is Kerry Chapman, Tony Grantham (Composite) beating Nigel Drew, Mark Rumble (Birkenhead) 20-13; Next through to the Semi Final is Scott Harrison, Artem Chesnokov (Balmoral) beating Dennis Brewster, Mike Carrol (Composite) 18-13; A very close game won by Ray Martin, Richard Corry (Victoria) beating Adam Johnston, Jason Hawe (Johnston Park) 17-15.

In the Women's Pairs first Semi Finalists are Gail Bagnell, Tira Campbell (Composite) beating Agnes Motu, Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier) 15-8; Next is Marilyn McLeod, Elaine McClintock (Composite) beating Gayle Melrose, Anne Doreen (Composite) 21-7; Karen Hema, Selina Goddard  (Carlton Cornwall) beat Estelle Hickey Hettie Bolscher  (Carlton Cornwall) 21-19; last through to the Women's Pairs Final is Anne Bateman, Carol Bennett (Onehunga & Districts) beating Maria Smith, Jo McKenna (Pt Chevalier) 15-12

Ryman Healthcare Triples Men's Finalists

Congratulations to Kerry Chapman, Tony Grantham (Composite) for being a our first Men's Pairs Finalists. Chapman and Grantham took the first 2 ends with Scott Harrison, Artem Chesnokov (Balmoral) coming into the game with a great 3rd end. Chapman and Grantham steadily gained more distance into the lead, Harrison and Chesnokov couldn't manage to close the gap losing 18-10.

Next through are Chris Le Lievre, Jamie Hill (Composite) who played Ray Martin, Richard Corry (Victoria) in the Men's Pairs Semi-Final. this was a great game with both teams playing excellent bowls. Martin and Corry took the early lead with Le Lievre and Hill overtaking them in the 4th end leading 6-4.  Martin and Corry took back the lead in the 7th end 8-7. Le Lievre and Hill had a winning run taking 4 ends in a row to bring their score to 15-14 in the 15th end. The game was all tied up in the 15th end but Le Lievre and Hill were just stronger on the day and won the game 19-16.

Ryman Healthcare Triples Women's Finalists

The first Finalists through in the Women's Pairs was Marilyn McLeod, Elaine McClintock (Composite) they played Gail Bagnell, Tira Campbell (Composite). McLeod and McClintock were first up on the score board and held a slight lead until the 5th end when Bagnell and Campbell tied up the game 4-4. From here it was all McLeod and McClintocks game winning 20-11

The next team through to the Women's Pairs Final was Anne Bateman, Carol Bennett (Onehunga & Districts) who played Karen Hema and Selina Goddard (Carlton Cornwall). This was a real edge of your seat Semi-Final! Bateman and Bennett were first up on the board, with Hema and Goddard soon overtaking them and holding the lead until the 17th end when Bateman and Bennett played a lifesaver end and won the game 17-16

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Main Draw Results

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Main Draw Results

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