16 Feb 2017

Due to the wet weather a number of venue changes have had to be made for Thursday 16th February.  All play will be on artificial greens.  Click on the new venue for map information.  We apologise for the inconvenience:


SECTIONS                      MOVE FROM                       MOVE TO

Men's Sections 1-4    BLOCKHOUSE BAY  TO           BLOCKHOUSE BAY   

Men's Sections 5-8   PT CHEVALIER TO                    TE ATATU

Men's Sections 9-12   CARLTON CORNWALL  TO     EPSOM 

Men's Section 13-16   HILLSBORO  TO                     BRIDGE PARK now PAPATOETOE HUNTERS CORNER

Men's Section 17-20   MT WELLINGTON  TO            MT WELLINGTON   

Men's Section 21-24   MT EDEN  TO                          MT EDEN 


SECTIONS                     MOVE FROM                          MOVE TO 

Women's Section 1-4   CARLTON CORNWALL  TO     ST HELIERS   

Women's Section 5-8   PT CHEVALIER TO                  GLEN EDEN   

Women's Section 9-12   BLOCKHOUSE BAY  TO        NEW LYNN

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