Auckland Bowls Finals Day

11 Feb 2017

Auckland Men's Singles Final

Congratulations to Jerry King (Otahuhu Railway) who beat Neil Fisher (Howick) 21-15 in the Auckland Men's Singles Final for 2016-2017.

King started strong taking the first 3 ends leading 7-0 in the 3rd end.  King continued to hold onto his lead until the 10th end when Fisher tied the game up 9-9. From here Fisher took the lead and was up 12-9 in the 12th end only to have King tie the game up again in the 13th end 12-12. Again King held onto the lead until Fisher tied the game up 15-15 in the 17th end. But from here Fisher couldn't find the green and King won the Men's Singles Final 21-15.

Auckland Men's Singles Semi-Finals

In the first Men's Singles Semi-Final it was Jerry King (Otahuhu Railway) vs Chris Salesa (East Tamaki). Salesa was the first on the score board and held the lead until King found his stride from the 16th end and stopped Salesa from scoring another point for the next 7 ends - King through to the Final winning 21-14.

In the second Semi-Final Neil Fisher (Howick) was up against Scott Lambly (East Tamaki). Lambly took the first points but Fisher wasn't far behind taking the next 3 ends bring the score to 5-2 holding his lead until the 8th end when Lambly had took a 3 to take the lead 8-6. Lamby held the lead until the 14th end when Fisher turned the tables and charged ahead winning his spot in the Final 21-12.

Auckland Men's Pairs Semi-Finals

The first Men's Pairs team through to the Final is Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon (Hillsboro) who played Jordan King and Ciaran MacElevanna (Hillsboro). Galloway and Dixon started strong and managed to hold their lead throughout the entire game, King and MacElvanna just couldn't get a look in with Galloway and Dixon winning convincingly 20-11. King and MacElvanna conceding in the 17th end.

The second semi-finalists were Joe Whitelaw and Bill Whitburn (Carlton Cornwall) who played Steve Hoeft and Phil Aitken (Pt Chevalier). Whitelaw and Whitburn started well holding their lead until the 8th end when Hoeft and Aitken took a 4 taking the lead 11-8. From here Hoeft and Aitken held onto their lead with Whitelaw and Whitburn making a late run winning the 16th and 17th ends but only just missing out on the win by 1 point. Hoeft and Aitken took the spot to the final winning 17-16.

Auckland Men's Pairs Final

Congratulations to Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon (Hillsboro) on winning the Auckland Men's Pairs for 2016-2017. Runners up are Steve Hoeft and Phil Aitken (Pt Chevalier). Galloway and Dixon proved to be too strong for Hoeft and Aitken and held a solid lead throughout the game. Dixon dominated as lead and Galloway adding in some key bowls when needed never letting Hoeft and Aitken  who conceded in the 15th end.

Auckland Men's Fours Final

Congratulations to Chris Lowe, Jordan King, Martin Dixon, Ciaran MacElvanna (Hillsboro) on winning the Auckland Men's Fours for 2016-2017. The runners up were Noel Childs, John Patelo, Steve Hoeft, Phil Aitken (Pt Chevalier). Pt Chevalier started the game with a bang and took a good lead early. Hillsboro found their game from the 6th end and held the lead from the 8th end right through to the 14th end when Pt Chevalier took it back giving them a 1 pt lead 12-11. The last end was the decider and Hillsboro got a 2 which gave them the win with the final score being 13-12. 

A big congratulations goes to Ciaran MacElvanna from Hillsboro on his 5th Centre Title and a Gold Star.

Auckland Bowls Finals Day Results

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