Kohimarama and Onehunga & Districts Women's Triples Final

22 Jan 2017

The Final between Sonia MacDonald, Eileen Badham, Helen Blick (Kohimarama) vs Doreen Jensen, Carol Bennett, Lavinia Ruka (Onehunga & Districts) went all Kohimarama's way today. Kohimarama took the first 5 ends before Onehunga & Districts got on the board bring the score to 16-1. The weather conditions were only slightly breezy for their final so not creating too much of a problem for both teams. In the 10th end Kohimarama gave Onehunga & Districts a nudge when they pushed their leading bowl out of contention which they couldn't regain but still held a strong 18-5 lead. Onehunga & Districts decided to concede in the 13th end with the final score being 30-5 to Kohimarama.

Auckland Women's Triples Results 2016-2017

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