12 Dec 2016

Amazing local hero Cleve Sullivan has been a fundraising champion for Starship for 15 years, first through the Avondale RSA and then though the Hillsboro Bowls Club's hosting the Auckland Bowler of the Year event. Over the years his bowling tournaments have raised $31,000 for Starship, and his "12 hour Extravaganzas" have raised $93,000.

"I am truly humbled by the many donors who have made some great donations over the years," says Cleve, now aged 87. Cleve used to be an auctioneer, so it's no surprise one of his first fundraising ideas was an auction. It all began as a way of helping sick children, inspired by his own son's stay in hospital many years ago, before Starship was even built. "Andrew went to hospital many years ago, under a year old he was. He wasn't allowed to eat for some days. Helen and I were visiting one meal time, and while other children were eating he was pointing at food, but couldn't have any. I couldn't stay, I went out and cried. When someone at the club suggested fundraising for a charity in 2001, my only choice was Starship Foundation."

We'll forever be grateful that you chose Starship Cleve! Thank you for being a local hero. We need more local heroes like Cleve. Are you a member of a local club, community association or church group? If you are, you can help Starship by fundraising locally, just like Cleve. We'd love to have your support.

To fundraise and be a local hero like Cleve, please call Krissy Garnham on 0800 782 774 or 09 307 8949.

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