Women's Singles and Men's Triples Finals

10 Dec 2016

Auckland Women's Singles Final

It was an awesome final between Rebecca Jelley (Carlton Cornwall) and Carol Bennett (Onehunga & Districts). Jelley had her game face on and came out charging. Bennett was first up on the score board but it was all Jelley from there on in. There were some excellent bowls played the score board not a true indication of these. Bennett made a great shot in the 15th end and drove the jack into the ditch - holding 2. Jelley played the shot of all shots to take her to match point by drawing to within inches of the jack. Jelley took the last end to make her winning score 21-6.

Auckland Men's Triples Final

Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon and Gavin Brown (Hillsboro) were first on the board in their final against Willow Wilson, Mel Sam, and Brian Froggatt (Onehunga & Districts). Hillsoboro started strong and took 6 ends from Onehunga & Districts bring the score to 10-2 in the 9th end. Onehunga & Districts made a late dash to claim the lead winning 4 ends in a row but were still behind 10-7 in the 13th end. Hillsboro proved too strong for Onehunga & Districts on the day and won the final 16-8.

Auckland Women's Singles Semi-final

It was a great start to the Women's Singles Reserve day play with Sue Curran (St Heliers) and Carol Bennett battling it out for their spot in the Women's Singles Final. The Semi-final started with a bang and was neck and neck all the way to the finish. Curran sat in the lead for for the majority of the game only coming unstuck at the end missing out on scoring in the last 4 ends. Bennett tied up the game with a big 13th winning 3 and bringing the score to 10-10 only to have Curran taking the lead back until Bennett tied it up again in the 18th end 14-14. In the 29th end Curran takes the lead again only to have Bennett come back and again tie the game up in the 21st end 17-17. From here Bennett found her stride and took the final 3 ends winning the game 21-17

Auckland Men's Triples

Another great Semi final between John James, Odie Walter and Allan Moyle (Balmoral) and Willow Wilson , Mel Sam and Brian (Frog) Froggatt (Onehunga & Districts). Balmoral sat in the lead for a good part of the game with Onehunga & Districts never far behind and managing to tie up the game several times throughout. The game was all tied up in the 17th end 13-13 - the 18th end being crucial to both teams but it was Onehunga & Districts that came away with the win by 1 point 14-13.

Auckland Women's Singles Results 2016-2017

Auckland Men's Triples Results 2016-2017

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