Excellent Women's Fours Final

20 Nov 2016

Women's Fours Final:

Our 2016-2017 Women's Fours Champions are St Heliers. The club winning for the second year in a row. It was a brilliant final between Joy Spence, Amy Cheung, Anne Renwick and Jamie Chen (St Heliers) and Angela Temple, Sue Scott, Gail Clark and Jenny Stockford (Pt Chevalier).

It was neck and neck all the way and on the 14th end Pt Chevalier held a 2 shot lead. In the 15th end the lead of Pt Chevalier played to within 30cm of the jack and then the lead of St Heliers responded by tucking inside to sit within 20cm of the jack, the next 13 bowls couldn't dislodge the St Heliers bowl. The St Heliers Skip was faced with the unenviable task of drawing to save the game, and draw she did to tie up the game and force an extra end.

The first extra end saw the teams trade shot for shot. Pt Chevaliers Third player with her 2nd bowl played an up shot and killed the end. REPLAY. St Heliers Lead responded to the pressure and drew to within 50cm short of the jack, the pressure started to show and the subsequent bowls were all over the head except for Pt Chevaliers Third players 1st bowl which was narrow but level with the jack at 40cm. St Heliers Skip on her first bowl was narrow and heavy but collided with the short bowl and rolled it to within 10cm of the jack. Pt Chevaliers Skip responded but was short.

St Heliers Skips final bowl was intended to be a back bowl catcher but was also short. The unenviable equation facing Pt Chevaliers Skip with her final bowl is simple - draw the shot, alas she was fractionally wide and heavy and St Heliers claimed the win.

A heartbreaking finish for Pt Chevalier but such an excellently well played Final by both teams. Great work.

Women's Fours Semi-Final:

Congratulations to our 2 Finalists in the Women's Fours: Angela Temple, Sue Scott, Gail Clark and Jenny Stockford (Pt Chevalier) who beat Jane Fenton, Jenny Tough, Judy Olsen and Chrissy Pegg (Glen Eden) in the Semi-Final 17-6. Pt Chevalier were dominant from the outset taking the first 5 ends with a good lead of 8-0 in the 5th end. Glen Eden pushed to take the next 2 ends only to then lose the following 4 ends. In the 12th end Glen Eden made a last ditch effort and picked up a 3 but lost the game 17-6.

Joy Spence, Amy Cheung, Anne Renwick and Jamie Chen (St Heliers) beat Diane Harris, Jo Stanton, Sue Peters and Glennis Davey (Howick Women's) 18-10. It was St Heliers game from early on winning 7 ends in a row bring their lead to 11-2 in the 8th end. Howick Women's played two strong ends in the 9th and 10th ends picking up a total of 6pts closing the gap to11-8 to St Heliers. Howick Women's continued to push hard to catch up but in the 14th end St Heliers played an excellent end winning 18-14.

Post Section:

Results in the Women's Fours and through to the Semi-Final we have - J Spence (St Heliers) bt S Hart (Onehunga) 14-12; D Harris (Howick) bt J Scarrott (Mt Wellington) 19-9; A Temple (Pt Chevalier) bt D Jayasinghe (Carlton Cornwall) 14-10; J Fenton (Glen Eden) bt E Badham (Carlton Cornwall) 16-9.

Through to Post Section in the Women's Fours we have S Hart (Onehunga); J Spence (St Heliers); J Scarrott (Mt Wellington); D Harris (Howick); D Jayasinghe (Carlton Cornwall); A Temple (Pt Chevalier); E Badham (Carlton Cornwall); J Fenton ( Glen Eden).

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