Women's Premier Open Singles Finals

25 Sep 2016

Congratulations to Deb White (Hinuera) on becoming the new Auckland Women's Premier Open Singles Champion for 2016-2017, defeating Ling Qu (St Heliers) 21-12 in the final.  All play on Sunday was transferred to the Pukekohe Indoor complex due to the atrocious weather over the weekend.  Thank you to all players and volunteers for making the best of the terrible conditions.

On Saturday it was a tough day of bowls for Section Play - the weather was relentless and a few of the greens had a bit of flooding, forcing players to move to another club to finish playing their first round of Post Section.

Everyone graciously toughed it out and Day 2 was moved out to the Pukekohe Indoor Bowls Centre. The Quarter Finals saw Lin East (Browns Bay) vs Ling Qu (St Heliers); Doreen Jensen (Onehnga & Districts) vs Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier); Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) vs Liz Badenhorst (Carlton Cornwall); and Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) vs Deb White (Hikurangi).

The first to finish and go through to the semifinals is Doreen Jensen (Onehunga & District's) beating Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier) 21-7. Next to go through was Ling Qu (St Heliers) beating Lin East (Browns Bay) 21-13 and also though was Deb White (Hikurangi) beating Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) 21-12.  The last Semi-Finalist to go through was Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) not finishing before the allocated time and beating Liz Badenhorst (Carlton Cornwall) 20-18.

Deb White (Hinuera) then comfortably beat Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) in the Semi-Final. Stewart took the first 2 ends only to have White take the next 10 ends. Stewart only winning one more end before White finished the game winning 21-4.

It was a very close game in the 2nd Semi-Final between Ling Qu (St Heliers) vs Doreen Jensen (Onehunga & Districts). Jensen was first up on the scoreboard with a 2 with Qu taking the next end and so it went for the game, both players nipping at each others heels. Jensen held the lead up until the 10th end when Qu evened up the game winning a 3 taking the score to 9-9. Next end Jensen takes back the lead 11-9 just to have Qu tie the game up again in the 12th end. This time it was Qu's turn to take the lead just to have it all tied up yet again in the 15th end 13-13. From here Qu took the lead and held onto it winning the game 21-16.

The Auckland Women's Premier Open Singles Final was between Deb White (Hinuera) and Ling Qu (St Heliers). Both players started strongly. Qu was first to score with White playing an excellent 2nd end taking the lead 3-2. In the 7th end White is up 4-3 - 7 points for 7 ends - great controlled bowls by both players. White then took some control taking a 4 and jumping into the lead 10-6.  Another excellently played end by White taking her score to 13-6 in the 10th end, winning herself 7 points in just 2 ends. Qu stops White's winning streak and wins the 11th end but still trails 7-13. The next few ends saw Qu and White go end for end bringing the score to 15-8 to White in the 15th. Qu keeps White at 1 in the 16th end 17-8 to White. The 17th end went all Qu's way giving her 4 points and taking the score to 12-17.  After the 19th end White is up 18-12. After the 20th end White wins with a 3 taking her  score to 21-12.

Auckland Premier Women's Singles Results 2016-2017:

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