Final Battle in the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs

18 Sep 2016


A great Final between Bryan Chapman and Linda Ralph (Composite) who played Barry Aspin and Doreen Jensen (Composite). Everything you could hope for in an edge of your seat Final game. Two exceptionally experienced and talented teams who played some excellent bowls in not ideal conditions.

Aspin and Jensen were first up on the board winning the first 2 ends but Chapman and Ralph weren't far behind taking the next 2 ends the score even in the 4th end 4-4. Aspin and Jensen took a massive 6 in the 5th end taking them into the lead 10-4. Chapman and Ralph answered with a 5 in the 9th end over taking Aspin and Jensen 13-11. Aspin and Jensen were sitting 1 point behind until the 13th end when Chapman and Ralph took a 3 in the 13th end and a 5 in the 14th end taking their lead out to 22-12. Aspin and Jensen won the 15th end but it wasn't enough to close the gap - Chapman and Ralph winning with a final score of 22-14. An extra sweet win for Linda Ralph giving her a Gold Star for winning her 5th Centre Title.


The Auckland 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Semi-Finalists braved the awful weather to come out and play some excellent bowls despite the rain and wind!

Our first team through to the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Final is Bryan Chapman and Linda Ralph (Composite) who played an exceptionally strong game against Kirsty Hill and Ken Fitness another strong team from Onehunga & Districts. Chapman and Ralph started with a massive 7 in the first end and kept hold of a substantial lead right to the end of the game finishing up 20-10.

The second team through to the Final is Barry Aspin and Doreen Jensen (Composite). Sean Hird and Rebecca Jelley put up a good fight in the early stages of the game but Aspin and Jensen proved too strong and took off into the lead and held onto it, finishing the game 19-9.

2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Results

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