Finals for the Men's and Women's 1-5 Year Triples

22 May 2016

Peter Blick, Mark Posa, Roger Johnstone (St Heliers) took the early lead and held onto it until the 8th end when Dave Maka, Jeremy Reynolds, Mae Taurua (Mt Albert/Sandringham) tied the game up 9-9. Mt Albert/Sandringham won 5 ends in a row which didn't help St Heliers to get their lead back but they kept pushing. In the 16th end Mt Albert/Sandringham scored a 5 and this helped cement their win 21-13

Women's 1-5 Year Triples Final

This was a great Final with Karena Harris,Chelsea Farley, Linda Farley (Balmoral Women's) starting strongly taking the first 3 ends , up 5-0 in the 3rd end. Judy Raill Chris Pegg, Sharon Stewart (Glen Eden) tied up the game in the 10th end 9-9 and found their stride to hold the lead. Balmoral Women fought and almost took the lead back in the 16th end but couldn't quite mange it with Glen Eden's experience pushing them over the finish line wining the game 19-17.

Mens 1-5 Year Triples Semi Final

The first team through to the Final in the 1-5 Year Triples is Mae Taurua, Jeremy Reynolds, Dave Maka (Mt Albert/Sandringham) who played Allan Hansen, John Lambarth, Utu Vave (Onehunga). Mt Albert/ Sandringham started strong winning the first 3 ends convincingly and continued to out play Onehunga throughout the game winning 24-5.

The second Semi-Final between Peter Blick, Mark Posa, Roger Johnston (St Heliers) and Adam Allan, Mick Norris, Chris Clausen (Glen Eden) was a real tussle! Glen Eden Looked to be the favourites leading the way comfortably - in the 10th end they were up 15-3. St Heliers put up a fight and made a massive come-back the game was tied in the 16th end 16-16. Glen Eden took the next end bring the score to 18-16 but St Heliers played an amazing last end taking a 3 and winning the game by 1pt, 19-18.

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