Growing our Sport

27 Apr 2016

We are very excited to be releasing an updated Strategic Plan and a discussion document on the key objective to promote and grow bowls in Auckland.

Auckland Bowls intends to place much greater emphasis on this area as you will see in the attached documents. 

Over the next four years Auckland Bowls is to step up the promotion and development of Bowls in Auckland. The time has come to arrest the falling membership numbers by working with and assisting clubs to better market, promote and develop our sport.

We are seeing signs of improvement with a substantial increase in the number of casual participants as recorded by clubs.  However at the same time the number of club members continues to decline.  Auckland Bowls now has just six clubs with 100 or more playing members.  Alarmingly we now have over 20 clubs with less than 50 playing members. 

A positive sign for the sport is that casual participation has risen by nearly 30% since 2011 and this trend, which is mirrored in a number of other sports, looks set to continue as people move away from traditional club membership.

Auckland Bowls does not have the resources or expertise to achieve this goal by itself. We need and will be seeking clubs to work with, in achieving an increase in both club and casual bowlers over the next few years. 


Auckland Bowls Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Discussion document - Growing the game

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