Missing Jacks - St Martins Bowling Club

11 Apr 2016

Missing Jacks

Sometime between 4.30pm Thursday 7th April and 8am Friday 8th April someone entered the St Martins Bowling Club and removed every jack from the Club.

The club was running a Tournament on the Friday and this left them in a difficult and embarrassing position.

Fortunately due to the kindness of Cashmere Bowling Club who were able to lend St Martins enough jacks, the tournament was able to go ahead.

If any Clubs are given or offered used jacks, can you please ask discreet questions as to how they were obtained.

If any Club has a surplus of jacks that they would like to either donate or sell to St Martins would you please contact the club or Pauline Pullan.

Please leave a message if the phone is unattended. 03 322 7216

Thank you
Pauline Pullan 
St Martins Bowling Club 

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