Men's 1-5yr Singles Finalists Found

20 Mar 2016

The first Semi-Final was Kaarem Al-Darra (Blockhouse Bay) vs Ross Fraider (Avondale). Al-Darra started the game with a real bang taking a strong lead early on. Fraider couldnt quite manage to close the gap losing the game to Al-Darra 21-7.

The second Semi-Final between Adam Allan (Glen Eden) and Odie Walter (Balmoral) was a bit of a closer battle but Allen managing to hang on to the lead right to the end winning the game 21-13.

Congratulations to Adam Allan and Kaarem Al-Daara our Auckland Mens 1-5yr Singles Finalists for 2015-2016.

Men's 1-5yr Singles Results 2015-2016/Post Section only

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