Auckland Women's Singles Final

14 Feb 2016

The Auckland Womens Singles Final saw 2 extremely talented bowlers play an intense and competitive game of bowls.Karen  Hema (Carlton Cornwall) vs Linda Ralph (Carlton Cornwall) both played a final to remember! Karen and Linda played a game of cat and mouse with each taking the lead throughout the game no 1 player standing out as the strong favorite, both playing as strong as the other. In the 14th end Karen took the lead and for the 1st time had a firm crasp of it. Linda never backed down to make it easy for Karen winning some big ends until she was within 1 pt of Karen in the 25th end 19-18 to Hema. Karen took the next end with a 1but lost the next end to Linda who won the end with an excellent shot taking the score to 19-20 to Hema. The last end had everyone on the edge of their seats. Karen didn't disappoint the crowd, Linda was holding the shot, Hema played a superbly excellent shot to sneak in front to take the win becoming the 2015-2016 Womens Singles Champion with a 21-19 win.

Auckland Women's Singles Results 2015-2016

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