Conditions of Play- Aggregate

01 Dec 2015

Conditions of Play -  Aggregate

There appears to be some confusion as to what the definition of the above in regards to qualifying for play-off events.

My understanding of the word aggregate and the intention when the Conditions of Play were re-written was for the definition to be  - shots for against shots conceded i.e. shot differential (for example: if you scored 200 shots over 7 games and conceded 100 shots you would have an aggregate (shot differential) of +100).

The above is the definition that shall apply to all Bowls Canterbury leagues and competitions this season.

However, some members of the Operations Committee have defined aggregate as shots scored and this has caused some confusion especially for the upcoming Junior Fours Play offs this weekend.

To be fair to all Clubs and to not disappoint our Junior players (who may have thought they qualified and then find out that they did not) we have added 2 x more qualifiers to the Division 2 and Division 3 draws please refer to the Draw page on the website for the revised draw.

The revised draws will be e-mailed to all Clubs concerned via the Club Secretary and we ask them if they will pass on all details to their match selectors etc. so that all qualifying Clubs turn up on time at the Centre Green to play their games.

Adrian Robins


Bowls Canterbury

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