The Trusts Men's Singles Final

27 Nov 2015

The Trusts Men's Singles Final Running Results in The Trusts New Zealand Open for 2015

1st end - Girvans 1st shot nudges the jack his 2nd sits nicely right next to the jack - holding 2. Cottrell bowls well but not quite tight enough to take the win this end 1-0 to Girvan.

2nd end - some great bowling from both Girvan and Cottrell a close cluster of shots around the jack but Girvan holds shot. Cottrell attempts a drive but narrowly misses - 2-0

3rd end - Cottrells first bowl rolls up nicely next to the jack holding shot with Girvan sitting not too far away. An excellent clean drive from Girvan takes Cottrells leading bowl off the green. But Cottrell replies with a great shot to take the end 1-2.

4th end - Both players bowl similar shots to sit next to the jack. Girvan holding 2 through to the finish of the 4th end 3-1

5th end - Cottrells bowl sits up right next to the jack until Girvan bowls a stunner that takes the lead shot.4-1.

6th end - Cottrell is holding 2 in the 6th end. Cottrell anorther 1 so is now holding 3. Girvan drove off Cottrells bowl leaving him holding 2. 3-4.

7th - an excellent 1st bowl from Cottrell sitting just in front of the jack. Girvan bowls well but it goes slightly wide. Scott holding shot. Cottrells bowl wicked of Girvans bowl and sat for 2nd shot. Girvans bowl is good and is resting on Cottrells - possibly in 2nd. Cottrell still holding. Girvan drove off Cottrells top shot bowl. Leaving Scott with a 1 evening up the game 4-4.

8th end - Scotts off to a good start and is holding 2. Girvan again isn't far behind him but Cottrell has drawn another shot so is now holding 4. Girvan ran and took the 4th shot out leaving 3 to Cottrell taking his score to 7-4

9th end - Scott got a toucher on his 2nd bowl and is holding 2. Girvan draws the shot on his 4th bowl giving him the win 5-7

10th end - Girvan starts this end well holding 2. Cottrell plays a good shot but Girvan is still holding. Cottrell drives and kills the end.

10th end - Both players are sitting near the jack, Girvan possibly holding. A great shot from Girvan has him holding 2. Cottrell plays an excellent  bowl pushing a short bowl up for shot - now holding. 8-5

11th end - Girvan went across and under the head. Cottrell does the sme the other side but holds the shot.Girvan drew under the shot bowl of Scotts - took the jack with him and holds 2. Cottrell took a run and knocked out 1 of Girvans bowls. Girvan draws to make 2. Cottrell takes another run and misses. Girvans last bowl gives him a 4. 9-8

12th end - Girvan is holding at least 2 in the 12th end with a measure for the 3rd shot. Cottrells bowl is a good one only allowing Girvan the 2 shots 11-8

13th end - Cottrell plays a great 1st bowl and holds shot after Girvan doesn't manage to take the lead. Cottrells last bowl drops slightly short giving him a 1; 9-11

14th end - Girvan plays an excellent shot sitting behind the jack. Cottrell drove to get the shot but doesnt hit his mark and Girvan still holds. 12-9.

15th end - Cottrell has started well and is holding 2.  Girvan bowls a short bowl on his last shot leaving Scott to draw more points to win the the end. Scott takes 2; 11-12

16th end - Girvan plays a great shot followed by Cottrell possibly holding shot. Girvans next shot takes the lead. Cottrell knocks the potential 2nd shot out of contention, Girvan now holding 2. A great bowl from Girvan gives him another shot; 15-11.

17th end - Cottrell bowls an excellent shot sitting right behind the jack. Scotts 2nd bowl is a toucher and ow holds 2. Girvan gets a toucher but didn't manage to take the shot. A beautiful bowl by Richard Girvan trailing the jack back for 2. 17-11

18th end - Cottrells 1st shot sits right up next to the jack. Girvan tries to draw off the bowl but failed. Girvan tries to draw the jack again and was narrow. The last bowl he hits his mark trailing the jack and holding shot. Cottrell drew the shot bowl off the jack and gets the point; 12-17

19th end - Cottrells first bowl is a toucher. And his 2nd is the same - another toucher. Girvan kills the end .

19th end - Cottrell plays a great shot to sit just in front of the jack followed by a great shot from Girvan, Scott still holding a possible 2. Girvan drives and takes out 1 of Cottrells shots leaving him holding 1. Girvan kills the end again.

19th end - Scott Cottrell is holding 2. Girvan has 1 bowl left to take the shot and he trails the jack into the ditch and takes 2 shots 19-12

20th end - Great shots played by both Cottrell and Girvan - its a measure to see who is holding at this stage. Girvan's next bowl gives him the shot. Cottrell was hoping to trail the jack for 4 with his last shot but missed it.   21-12. Richard Girvan the new The Trusts Men's Singles Champion for 2015.

The Trusts New Zealand Main Draw Men's Singles Results

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