The Trusts Women's Singles Final

27 Nov 2015

The Trusts Women's Singles Final Running Results at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2015

1st end - Both Reen Stratford and Natarsha Grimshaw start strong but its Grimshaw that's first on the board with a beautiful draw shot with excellent weight 1-0

2nd end - Another strong start in the 2nd end for both players with Grimshaw holding 2. A good shot from Reen gives Grimshaw 1 shot only 2-0

3rd end -  Stratfords 1st bowl is in the ditch. Great line from Grimshaw gives her a good shot. Reens next shot is slightly long again - Natarsha holding shot. Stratford not quite finding the right weight and bowls another long. Grimshaw bowls another goodie - holding 2. Reen finds her weight cutting Grimshaw dow to 1 shot after a measure - 3-0

4th end - A long end to start. Grimshaw now playing her forehand which works out well with a toucher. Reen sat Grimshaw out for shot. Natarsha knocks Reen's holding shot away to now hold 3. Stratford attempts a drwing shot but misses giving Natarsha 2 after a measure 5-0

5th end - A great holding shot from Stratford. Reen follows it up with another - holding 2. Grimshaws shot narrowly misses trailing the jack. Grimshaws next shot she wicked off her wing bowl to take the shot. Reen trys to draw the jack off but misses 6-0.

6th - nearly another full length end to start the 6th end. 2 strong bowls from both players - nothing in it. Natarsha is playing her forehand while Reen is playing her backhand. Reen holds the shot. Great line from Natarsha who did an upshot to take the jack holding 4. 10-0

7th - A great 1st shot from Reen to hold shot. And a 2nd to follow the 1st up - holding 3. Grimshaw not showing up in this end Reen taking 3. 3-10.

8th end - a  3/4 length end to start. Reen holds with Grimshaw narrowly missing trailing the jack on her shot. Stratford plays another great shot holding 2. Grimshaw went tooking for the 2 wing bowls but it didn't quite go her way giving Stratford another 2. 5-10

9th end - Reen plays a strong end and is holding 2. Grimshaw drives to take out 1 of Reens holding shots leaving her holding 1. 6-10

10th end - great lines taken by bothe players Reen holding shot. An excellent shot from Grimshaw gives her the shot. Reen has moved back over to her backhand but couldn't quite make it work for her. Next shot Reen plays a toucher but it ran on - Grimshaw still holding. 12-6

11th end - Both players start strong. Grimshaw holding presently with Reen up to bowl but not managing to take the lead this end. Grimshaw plays a lovely shot resting next to her own bowl giving Grimshaw the shot 13-6.

12th end - Grimshaw and Stratford are both alternating hands not favouring either. Grimshaw trails the jack back to her own bowl to hold 2. A drive from Stratford misses the mark. Now Reen decides whether to  draw the close 2nd shot as she is now down 3 or do an upshot - Reen goes with the upshot and drops 3 shots giving Grimshaw 16-6

13th end - Grimshaw moves back to her backhand and makes a lovely shot. Stratford bowls a shot that is slightly too short allowing Grimshaw a chance to get through but she bowls slightly too long. The wind is playing a part in moving the bowls around and making things tricky. Reens last shot misses its mark and gives Grimshaw another pt 17-6.

14th end - another almost full length end. A lovely 1st bowl from Stratford followed up by an even better shot from Reen holding shot. Grimshaw plays another great bowl and sits in front of Reens bowl, holding shot. 18-6

15th end - again almost another full length end. Grimshaw likes the long game and it's working in her favour at this point. Reen drew the shot to hold. Natarsha tries to draw the jack but misses. Reen plays another great bowl but it travels a little too far. The point goes to Stratford 7-18.

16th end - Reen trails the jack on her 2nd bowl. Grimshaws bowl is a bit heavy and ends up in the ditch. Reen plays a great bowl holding 3. Grimshaw attempts a drive but falls short. Stratford takes the end 10-18

17th end - an excellent 1st bowl from Reen. Grimshaw plays a great 2nd bowl making it difficult for Reen to get anymore bowls close to the jack. Reen attempts to put a block in but it rolls too far. Grimshaw attempts to draw the jack but misses. Reen takes another 2 shots. 12-18.

18th end - another 3/4 length end. Reen holds 2 with some great bowling. Grimshaw plays an excellent bowl to take the lead shot. 19-12

19th end - some great bowls is being played with a real cluster around the jack. Reen possibly holding at this stage but it really could go either way at this stage. Grimshaw plays an outstanding toucher bowl 1st bowl     holding the shot taking her score to 20-12

20th end - an excellent first bowl by Grimshaw her bowl holding shot that could finish the game unless Reen can find the right shot to stay in the game. Unfortunately for Reen Stratford the shot goes long. Natarsha Grimshaw is the new The Trusts Women's Singles Champion for 2015 - 21-12

The Trusts New Zealand Main Draw Women's Singles Results

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