Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Final at The Trusts New Zealand Open

27 Nov 2015

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Final at The Trusts New Zealand Open running results for Friday 27th November:

1st end -   Duane McDonalds 2nd bowl is a good one settling nicely next to the jack 19 year old Jessie Russells 1st bowls not quite hitting the mark. David Ross changes hands on his 2nd bowl and gets a great shot.18 year old Taylor Horn follows suit with a great shot of his own but McDonald and Ross holding.Horn drives and leaves McDonald with 1 shot; 1-0.

2nd end - With the wind at their backs this end is proving tougher with the 1st few bowls going long. McDonald and Ross managing to adjust slightly better under the conditions this end to win 3-0.

3rd end - McDonald and Ross are holding 3 it's up to Horn to stop them, McDonald manages to sneak in with another great shot now holding 4. Russell plays a great shot to shut down McDonald giving Horn and Russell the shot 1-3.

4th end - It's a real cluster of close shots this end with McDonald and Ross holding. A great last shot from Ross gives the pairing another 2pts; 5-1

5th end - An excellent 1st shot from Russell just to be followed up by an even closer shot from McDonald. Russells last shot is holding. Horn follows Russells with 2 more great shots of his own holding 2.  Horns last shot giving Russell and Horn 6 pts taking them into the lead; 6-5.

6th end - Russells first shot sits nicely next to the jack. As Horn goes to the mat his team holds shot. Horn plays a great bowl holding 2. Ross follows Horns line to push him out of the way but not quite close enough to take the leading shot. Ross's trys a drive to remove Taylors bowl but doesn't hit his mark giving Russell and Horn another 1; 7-5

7th end - Russell nudges and tails the jack. McDonald follows and sits up next to Russell but not quite managing to get in front. Its another cluster of close shots sitting around the jack. Horns 1st bowl is a good 1 but slightly wide. Ross makes a great play but on his 2nd shot to remove Russells bowl he promotes it pushing a toucher into the ditch leaving Russell and Horn with a 1; 8-5.

8th end - Duane coming out strong this end playing some great bowls. But Horn cancels out his shot to win the end again with another 1; 9-5.

9th end - An excellent shot from McDonald nudges and sits nicely next to the jack followed by a great shot from Russell but McDonald holds shot. Horns 1st shot is long and in the ditch. Ross plays a strategic shot sitting nicely in the back. Another ditch bowl from Horn. Ross's last bowl is slightly wide giving McDoalad and Ross and 1; 6-9.

10th end - Its an excellent end for both McDonald and Russell but especially for Russell holding a possible 3 shots. Followed by an excellent shot from his team mate Horn. Ross shows his experience and nudges through to put his bowl in the mix to hold shot. Horn drives and misses which gives McDonald and Ross another pt; 7-9.

11th end - McDonald starts this end strongly holding 2 shots. Ross's 1st shot is slightly short. Horn nudges the jack but McDonald and Ross still hold shot. 8-9.

12th end - A great end so far for McDonald and Ross quietly chipping away at the scoreboard - holding shot again. Horn plays an amazing shot tailing the jack and settling next to it. A great bowl from Ross but not quite moving Horns bowl enough to take the shot back. Horn has found his game again with another excellent shot giving Horn and Russell anther 2pts; 11-8.

13th end - Not a great start for McDonald in the 13th end with 3 in the ditch. Ross just saved his team and slotted a bowl in to hold shot. The wind has come up but isn't effecting the game as Horn puts up a great bowl but not quite enough to give them the shot back - the pt goes to McDonald and Ross 9-11

14th end - a great 1st bowl from McDonald settling next to the jack. The wind is possibly playing a part in the game as bowls are quite scattered. A great toucher from Taylor. Ross splits the front bowls with his shot giving Taylor a clear green to bowl up. Horn and Russell hold shot. 12-9.

15th end - A long 1st bowl into the ditch from Russell and a nice shot from McDonald half a metre off the jack. Russell adjusts well to hold shot. A nice last bowl from McDonald to possibly be holding shot with a measure. An excellent shot from Horn to hold shot. Ross just misses the shot to take out the jack to leave Taylor Horn and Jessie Russell the new Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Champions 13-9.

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