Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Final

26 Nov 2015

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Finals Results...

1st end - A nervous start as Caroline Downs 1st bowl goes in in the ditch. But Downs makes it up with an excellent 2nd bowl. Bev Crowes 1st bowl was a good one but Downs holds the shot. Lauren Mills 1st shot nudges and drags the jack - an excellent shot. Karen de Jongh's 1st shot goes wide. Another top shot from Mills holding at least 2. de Jongh narrowly misses moving the jack with her bowl. Mills 3rd bowl is yet another great shot and de Jongh misses the jack again taking Mills and Downs into the lead with 4pts 4-0.

2nd end - Downs starts strong with a good 1st, 2nd and 3rd bowl. Crowe not quite managing to get around Downs bowls to the jack. Crowe strategically places a position bowl at the back. Mills is playing well and has yet another great shot holding 4. de Jongh shows her experience and holds the shot with her last bowl and follows that one up with another possibly holding 2 with a measure. Mills drives but doesnt manage to remove de Jonghs bowls. 2-4.

3rd end - Crowe tucks a tidy shot behind the jack on her first bowl. Downs nudges the jack but Crowe still holds the shot. de Jongh's 1st bowl is good but slightly short. A great shot by Mills takes Crowes shot out of the picture leaving de Jongh holding 1. 3-4

4th end - Downs and Crowe play very similar shots neither getting too close to the jack. Mills holds the shot with her first bowl. de Jongh sneaks one in right next to the jack to take the shot off Mills leaving de Jongh and Crowe with 2pts making the score 5-4.

5th end - Crowes 1st bowl goes into the ditch. Downs bowl tucks up nicely behind the jack. Mills plays an excellent bowl to hold shot. de Jongh is just short to take the shot off Downs. Mills makes a scary shot nearly knocking her team mates bowl away but it works out and they hold 2 until de Jongh played her bowl and pushed out Mills bowl. Mills drove and took the jack into the ditch making a risky move that paid off and got Mills a 3.  7-5.

6th end - Downs and Crowe both play excellent bowls only a measure in it. Mills plays a good back bowl and de Jongh bowls 2 short shots. Crowe looks to be holding. Mills misses the shot to remove Crowes bowl giving de Jongh and Crowe 1pt; 6-7.

7th end - Bev and Downs have both played excellent shots. Crowes next bowl is a toucher and is stuck to the jack. Downs gets a toucher of her own to push the jack away but it's still Crowe holding. Mills takes a chance and pushes Crowes bowl out but Crowe still holds 1 shot. de Jongh narrowly misses knocking Crowes bowl away but gets lucky and they still hold the shot. Mills makes an amazing shot and drags the jack away now holding 2 shots 9-6 to Mills and Downs.

8th end - Its another close end everyone having played excellent bowls. Its a real cluster of shots but Mills and Downs take the shot making their score 10-6.

9th end - Crowe start strongly with a great bowl. Downs does an even better shot to sit just in front of Crowes bowl.  Mills and Downs holding 2. de Jongh takes a good crack at it on her last shot but doesnt quite manage to take it giving Mill and Downs another 2; 12-6.

10th end - Crowe starts with a bang with 2 brilliant shots in the 10th end. Mills makes a plays a great bowl that could be holding the shot after a possible measure. Karen de Jongh also makes a great shot so it's down to a measure to who win's the shot. It's so close the umpire has been called to make the call. It has gone to Mills and Downs 13-6.

11th end - Mills and Downs are holding 3. It's down to Karen de Jongh to stop Mills from getting anymore points on the board but unfortunately de Jongh couldnt quite make it happen, Mills and Downs win another 3 points; 16-6.

12th end - Crowe starts the 12th end well but again Downs proves to be that little bit more accurate and sneaks in front. Mills is in the zone getting her shot right next to the jack on her first bowl . de Jongh's bowl stops just short giving Mills another crack at more points and Mills does it again holding 2. Karen makes a great shot pushing Mills bowl out and only leaving her holding 1. 17-6.

13th end - Crowe plays a bowl down a fantastic line and rests the jack. Mills plays a good shot but not good enough to take the shot off Crowe. Mills has one last shot at taking the end and plays another great bowl but not enough to take it again. 7-17

14th end - Downs makes a great shot on her 1st bowl out and makes a good strategic back bowl to finish. Karen de Jongh makes a great shot by snaffling the jack and and creating space to hold the shot. but Mills  and Downs came through to win the game 18-7.

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