Aero Bowls Men's Triples Final at The Trusts New Zealand Open

26 Nov 2015

1st end - McClintocks 1st shot was a goodie sitting right next to the jack and is second was just as good. Wilson slots in a nice shot to hold 1. Cottrells 1st shot is a good one but still not enough to get them more then a 1 in the 1st end.

2nd end - Hillcrest are currently holding 2. Cottrells team not quite managing to nudge Hillcrest away from the jack. Cottrells 1st shot takes is tidy and has possibly drawn the shot, Clarke had a run at it and caught the jack and is now holding 2. 3-0

3rd end - Marshalls 1st shot is slightly short,McClintock follows his line and sits in nicely next to the jack. Marshalls 2nd shot is long. McClintock follows his own same line and it's another nice shot. Harris has a excellent shot holding 1, Wilsons 1st shot is slightly wide. Harris adjusts well and nudges the jack and allows Cottrells team to now hold the shot. Cottrells last shot gives them 3pts evening up the game 3-3.

4th end - Marshall draws a toucher on his first shot and has trailed the jack away from the centre line. Cottrells shot doesnt quite get them the shot. Cottrell had a run at the shot bowl and missed. Hillcrest gets through with 5th end - a 1; 4-3.

5th end - Marshall has a great 1st shot sitting right next to the jack. His second a little way off but still holding 1. McClintock had a good crack at knocking the lead bowl away but wasn't successful. Wilson does a great shot - but Hillcrest still holding 1. Cottrell attacks the head again successful this time but Clarke still holds the shot 5-3.

6th end - Cottrell looks to attack again as he is down on the head once again, but misses with his first.No change after the skips finish off the end and Clarke records another single to lead 6 - 3.

7th end - Bruce McClintock leads well for Cottrell and has 2 shots as the seconds take the mat.?????????  Harris attacks the head and dislodges both of McClintocks bowls.Wilson is short with both of his bowls. Neil Clarke draws shot with his first but Cottrell responds well. Clarke takes another shot on a measure.7 - 3.

8th end - McClintock sends 2 shots long. Nobody is siting close the jack at this stage. Clarkes 1st shot is the first bowl to sit in nicely next to the jack. Cottrell drives to the head killing the end.

8th end - McClintocks 1st and 2nd shots are great both sitting in next to the jack. Hillcrest play all long bowls not drawing a shot. Wilsons last bowl is long leaving them holding at least 2. Hillcrest bowl another 2 long bowls. Cottrells last bowl has a great line but goes long but still manage to win 3 pts; 6-7.

9th end - Bruce McClintock and Wilson both bowl well but Hillcrest sneak in to hold the shot. Cottrells 1st shot goes long and so does Clarkes. On his 2nd shot Cottrell promotes Wilsons bowl to take 1 pt evening up the score 7-7.

10th end - Its a strong start for Cottrells team with both of McClintocks bowls being excellent. Marshall has a great bowl but not quite enough to nudge in front. Wilson sits in next to McClintocks bowls - holding 3. Cottrells 1st bowl goes long. Clarke knocks the jack into the ditch with an excellent bowl winning 2 pts 9-7.

11th end - Another excellent start to the game by McClintock holding 2. Wilsons 1st bowl is short. Hillcrest promote McClintocks bowl. Wilsons 2nd bowl sits in nicely behind the jack. Cottrells last bowl is an excellent bowl giving them 2pts evening up the score again 9-9.

12th end - A beautiful 1st shot from Hillcrest an inch from the jack. A second great bowl from Marshall holding 2. Wilson bowls short. Hillcrest bowl long. Harris's 2nd bowl is another good shot for Hillcrest. Cottrells bowls has an excellent line but is a bit too long. Clarke bowls long. Cottrells 2nd bowl nudges Hillcrest but doesnt take the shot. Hillcrest jump ahead to 11-9.

13th end - Marshalls 1st bowl sits in perfectly next to the jack starting off well. A good bowl from Harris sitting in behind the jack only to have Wilson drive to put the jack into the ditch. A great shot from Scott Cottrell. A drive from Clarke to try to get rid of Cottrells bowl fails giving them 1pt 10-9.

14th end - Bruce McClintocks 2nd bowl is a good one but Hillcrest manage a great bowl to nudge and carry the jack to hold 1. Hillcrest are playing strong taking another great shot. Cottrell follows his bowl up hoping it will sneak in front of Hillcrest, but is only just short. His 2nd shot is on the money and he knocks Hillcrest's leading bowl away now holding the leading shot. Clarke only just misses the jack to take back the end, this evens up the game again 11-11.

15th end - Marshall starts with an excellent shot. McClintocks next shot goes long. Marshall follows his own line but ends up slightly wide. Wilson drives to push Marshalls bowl away but misses. It's down to the 2 skips. Cottrells 1st shot knocks his own bowl out and his second couldn't quite finish it. The game goes to HIllcrest 13-11.

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