Final of the Aero Bowls Women's Triples at The Trusts New Zealand Open

26 Nov 2015

We have the running results of the Women's Aero Bowls Triples here at The Trusts New Zealand Open 2015.

1st end - 1st on the score board is Aldous with a 1

2nd end - again Aldous takes the end with a 2 which takes the score to 3-0

3rd end - this end goes to Melrose giving he a 1 taking the score to 1-3

4th end - Aldous uncharacteristically plays a wrong bias but her team still win the end with a 1; 4-1

5th end - O'Keefe plays a great bowl that sat right next to the jack, Grimshaw made a good attempt to nudge her out of the way but didn't quite manage it. Melrose finished it by promoting their own bowl to win the point 2-4

6th end - Melrose and team just scored a 5 that takes them into the lead 7-4.

7th end - Aldous comes back with a 4 to take the lead back 8-7

8th end - Vague nudges the jack to the edge of the ditch on the first shot making it a long game. Grimshaw manages a good long shot that sits just up behind the jack possibly holding the shot on a measure. A tough shot to get - a lot of bowls going into the ditch. Aldous manages a great bowl just getting to sit in front of the jack giving them another 2 points 10-7

9th end - Vague manages a great first shot just to be nudged out by Grimshaw. A great last shot by Melrose couldn't quite get them the point. 11-7 to Aldous.

10th end - Melrose does a great last shot to try and stop Aldous from getting 4 shots but couldn't quite manage it after a measure 15-7 to Aldous.

11th end - Davies does a great 1st shot to sit right next to the jack; and Davies 2nd shot is even better then the first - holding 2. Aldous and her team not managing to get close to the jack; 2 points going to Melrose 9-15.

12th end - Another 2 great shots from Davies to start the12th end Vague not being able to close the gap on her shots. Melrose's team win 3 points taking the score to 12-15

13th end - O'Keefe does a great 1st bowl only to have Grimshaw nudge the jack to hold 2. Aldous does a great shot to?  try and stop Melrose but the shot doesnt quite get close enough. Melrose answers by a great shot of her holding 3 shots evening up the game 15-15

14th end - Davies second shot is a goodie that nudges and sits by the jack. Grimshaw follows her team mate with a good shot of her own holding 2. Aldous nudges the jack but pushes it closer to Grimshaws bowl giving Melrose 1 point - Its a close game! 16-15 to Melrose.

15th end - Davies first bowl is in the ditch her second bowl is an excellent shot. Another shot from Grimshaw that's a bit too strong and goes into the ditch. O'Keefe not being able to get her bowl in front of Davies. The second shot from Grimshaw a bit too long again. Aldous's first shot is long. Melrose does an excellent first shot and wins the Aero Bowls Womens Triples 18-15.

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