Ryman Healthcare Men's and Women's Pairs Semi Finals

25 Nov 2015

The Men's Semi - Finalists in the Pairs has been found, we have the young Pairing of Taylor Horn from Thames Valley and Jessie Russell from the Waikato playing as a Composite team. They played Richard Girvan and Tom Delany (Composite). Horn and Russell started strong with a 3 in the 1st end and a 4 in the 4th end this took the score to 8-1. Girvan and Delany held the young team off by taking a 3 in the 10th end and closing the gab to 6-11. a 3 in the 13th end gave Girvan and Delany the lead 12-13 but Horn and Russell held strong to finish by winning 14 - 13 on an extra end.

Duane McDonald and David Ross (Riverhead) played Gary Banks and Walter Howden (Composite). This was a real battle right to the end. It was point for point with Banks and Howden taking the lead in the 4th end only to have McDonald and Ross even up the score in the 6th end 4-4. This is how the game went with Banks and Howden evening up the score again in the 8th end 6 - 6 and again in the 14th end 12 - 12. McDonald and Ross snuck in with a 1 in the 15th end to win the game 13-12.

In the Women's Semi-Finals we had Karen de Jongh and Bev Crowe (Carlton Cornwall) playing Kristin Stampa and Tere Tuaiti (Composite). de Jongh and Crowe took the first 4 ends with Stampa and Tuaiti taking the next 3 ends. Then de Jongh and Crowe put their foot down and even the 4 that Stampa and Tuaiti got in the 13th end couldn't get them through with de Jongh and Crowe winning the game 16-10.

The last game in the Women's Semi Finals was Lauren Mills and Caroline Downs (Kensington) playing Linley O'Callaghan and Bronwyn Stevens (Composite). Mills and Downs had a slow not scoring in the first 4 ends but came back into the game with a bang taking some high scoring ends. In the 11th end O'Callaghan and Stevens were up 10-6 and that was were Mills and Downs left them wining the next 4 ends with a final score of 17-10 to Mills and Downs.

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