The Trusts New Zealand Open Mens Singles Quarter Finalists

22 Nov 2015

The Trusts New Zealand Open Mens Singles Quarter Finalists have been found. The weather did a turn around and was nice to all the players today!

Allan Batley (Paratutu) was our first Quarter Finalists beating Dwayne Cameron (Hinuera) who got off to a slow start not managing to get onto the board until the 7th end with a 1 the taking the next 2 ends. Batley took some high scoring ends and finished the game 21-12.

Michael Galloway (Hillsboro) played a very close game against Ray Martin (Victoria). Martin started the scoring and in the 10th end was up 13-5. Galloway evened up the score in the in the 20th end 17-17 then took the lead in the 21st end 19-17. Martin evened up the score again in the 24th end 20-20 but Galloway managed to sneak in with a 1 in the 25th end to win the game 21-20. 

Peter Puschmann (St Heliers) had a great game against James Gavin (Ellerslie) 21-16. Joe Whitelaw (Otahuhu Railway) finished with a comfortable win against Gordon Smith (Pringle Park) 21-11. It was a closely played game up to the 10th end where Whitelaw held on to a convincing lead until the end. 

Scott Cottrell (Waiheke) and Richard Corry (Victoria)had a great battle. Thompson started the scoring with a 3 in the 1st end but Cottrell answered with a 2 and a 3 to take the score to 5-4 in the 4th end to Cottrell. Thompson took the lead in the lead 6th end and held onto it until the 18th end when Cottrell came back to even it up 15-15. Thompson managed to get his lead back only to lose the game in the 22nd end when Cottrell nabbed a 4 to take the win 21-18. 

In the game between reigning champion Rob Ashton (St Heliers) and Richard Girvan (Nelson Bays) a real battle ensued. Ashtons first winning end was a 4 which took him out to the early lead this didnt last long with Girvan winning 3 ends back to back which took him out to the lead and in the 13th end Girvan was up 17-9. Ashton fought back but never managed to get back into the game. Girvan winning 21-14 in the 17th end. 

David Eades (Orewa) and Barclay Lee (St Heliers) had a cracker of a game. Lee started the scoring but Eades took the early lead and in the 5th end was up 5-1. Lee took the lead back in the in the 8th end and held onto it until the 16th end where Eades came back to tie up the game 11-11. Eades took the lead until the 22nd end where Lee managed to take the lead 18-17. In the 25th end the game was tied up again and it was Eades that took the win on a measure 21-20. 

Richard Corry (Victoria) and Cedric Campbell (Kaitaia Church Road) had a close game being all tied up at the 10th end and was close right up until the 13th end where Corry leapt ahead and Campbell couldnt quite manage to catch up, Corry winning 21-14

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