Auckland 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs

03 Sep 2015

Semi Final One of the 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs:

The semi final between Gordon Rennie & Hetty Bolscher vs Sam Taloke & Rima Strickland was disappointing for Taloke and Strickland. They started out well with a 4 on the first end but failed to get back onto the scoreboard until the 10th end where they managed a 1, taking the score to 15-5. Rennie and Bolscher proved too strong in this Semi-Final and won the game 22-10.

Semi-Final Two:

This was between Janine Young & Max Hamilton vs Emma Waerehu & Loto Fakaalofa was slightly closer but Waerehu and Fakaalofa were the dominant team never letting Young and Hamilton take their lead. There was some excellent bowls played which the score-line doesnt give a true indication of.  The final score was 20-12 to Waerehu and Fakaalofa.


The Final between Emma Waerehu and Loto Fakaalofa vs Gordon Rennie and Hetty Bolscher was a case of a major come-back from Rennie and Bolscher!

Waerehu and Fakaalofa looked to have the game won when in the 8th end they were 12-1 up and right up to the 12th end they were still 14-4 up. In the 13th end Rennie and Bolscher took a 4 to bring the score to 8 -14 then took another 1 in the 14th end 9 -14.

So it came down to the 15th end for a final chance,it was a valiant effort with Rennie and Bolscher taking a 3 but still not managing to close the gap enough to take the win. Emma Waerehu and Loto Fakaalofa winning the final 14-12. Congratulations to our new Auckland 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs Champions.

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